Sunday, January 25, 2009

Black-Eyed Susans: Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Contra Dance, Bliss

I continue to be impressed with the harmonizing effects of Omega-3 fatty acids (1000 mg of flax seed oil, 3-4 times a day, for example). I'd like to see the clinical evidence for this. And how does this work neurochemically, in brief?

How to generate harmony in multiply ways in life, profoundly and neurophysiologically, as practices, is a question I'm thinking about.


Here's a great contra-dance - :) with far-reaching, bliss-eliciting qualities. The music is played by The Groovemongers {with "rhythm, flair and drive"} at Contra Carnivale 2009 on the
central coast in California. Contra-dances are very kid-friendly and also offer great opportunities for movement.

Time to go to a lot of these.

How does this bliss work in contra-dance? While an appreciation for this music and dance plays a role, I think the following are significant: the music for a variety of reasons, the related movement, twirling, the progression in the dances, touch, the 'groove,' flirtation, giving weight, smiling, beaming, fawlling in love ...


I began
to re-read Ursula K. Le Guin's remarkable "Always Coming Home" today, noting Taoist ideas. It's an extraordinary vision. Ursula writes:

"The only way I can think to find them, the only archaeology that might be practical, is as follows: You take your child or grandchild in your arms, or you borrow a baby, not a year old yet, and go down into the wild oats in the field below the barn. Stand under the oak on the last slope of the hill, facing the creek. Stand quietly. Perhaps the baby will see something, or hear a voice, or speak to somebody there, somebody from home" {from "Always Coming Home's" introduction: 'Towards an Archaeology of the Future,'
pp 4-5}.

Being as simple as a baby is a theme in Lao Tzu's "Tao te Ching," - the sage is like a baby.

In 10

"Carrying body and soul as well as embracing the One,
Can you escape from the distinction?
Attending fully and becoming supple,
Can you be a Newborn baby?"

In 20

"And am cheerless, like a baby who has not yet learned to smile..."

In 28

"If become the Valley for heaven and earth,
You will be inseparable with the constant virtue (potency),
And you will returns to a new born baby."

In 55

"The person charged with the virtue resembles to a new born baby.
Neither wasp, nor serpent, stings him.
No predator devours him.
No bird of prey strikes him.
His bones are still weak, his muscles are indeed yielding."

Lao Tzu: The Tao Te Ching / An English Translation, 1998© by Eiichi Shimomissé

In 55

"One who remains rich in virtuous power
Is like a newborn baby."

Translated during the summer of 1991 by Charles Muller
Revised, July 1997

Here's Feng and English's translation of the "Tao te Ching."

And in "Always Coming Home," the author's {Ursula's} baby becomes a symbol of the future ... coming home.

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