Saturday, November 28, 2009

Medusa Jellyfish: Light at Harbin, Fluency in Language, Art and esp. Music is Fun, Beethoven or Mozart as 'Technologies' for LEARNING Loving Bliss?

On Wednesday, I stepped out from the Fern building at Harbin Hot Springs, and the light on the trees over the sun deck was stunning, ~ glorious.

Then, in the hot pool, the colored glass in the clerestory shown amazingly on this week's very colorful flowers, in the woman's bust above the whale's spout.


What happened to all the art in the streets e.g. in Berkeley, in the 1960s & 70s?

Art teaches useful skills, - it also needs markets to thrive.

Teach and learn art at World University and School...


... fluency in language, art and esp. music is fun, and comes through practice, and generating a milieu for its cultivation.


... wonders in what ways listening to e.g. Beethoven or Mozart can be a 'technologies' for LEARNING loving bliss. Might yoga poses have related effects as kinds of 'technologies' which affect bodyminds health-wise. And in conjunction with 'loving bliss?'

I also wonder in what ways listening to, for example, Beethoven or Mozart can be a 'program' for learning loving bliss or beauty. How can this change mind? Do the memories of great symphonies, that bring you great pleasure, do so repeatedly?


Besides all the remarkable, free, open content at World Univ & Sch, where YOU can teach, I wonder how further to generate GREAT courses and creativity. Teach about this to your web cam and post it to


How to cultivate specific qualities of focus vis-a-vis loving bliss & also ... neurophysiology-wise ... with agency? I posit that humans have agency. For example we can choose what symbols to engage, e.g. books to read, and blogs to write. Start a blog here about loving bliss -

I think we can cultivate qualities of loving bliss, and through practices ... think I'll work on my Harbin ethnography ...


Mountains in the distance - dark tonight - the air is changed by the rain in Canyon - & the world smells good and fertile

( - November 28, 2009)

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