Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trees and Views: Invitation to Nonhuman Primates to Add Links or Teach at World Univ., Culture of Books, Edit This University, Bagpiping with Nature

... Invitation to nonhuman primates to add links or teach at

Kanzi? Koko?

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh? :)

Sharing tools, technologies and language with Bonobo species. Funny & edifying:


is glad we live in a society of books - for centuries now - and now information technologies: (scientifically gen.) replicating messages ...

idea celebration!

Public libraries are so cool.


Edit this World University & School and steal that other ' Steal this Film' film - Google it {}


Total online privacy now. Total privacy now. There are laws about safeguarding this in the U.S.

How to turn these into cultural practices?


Bagpiping, the trees and distant views which I see (inputs) become new gracenotes and musical notation to the output of my chanter :)

( - November 11, 2009)

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