Monday, November 30, 2009

Stars Up Redwood: The Night is Light, Human Move from Troglodytes to Paniscus, Compelling {Social?} Index Investing Video

The night is light & not too cold. Clear tomorrow. Indian valley & the redwoods are magnificently, quietly there. Look around. Enjoy :)


... would like to move from troglodytes (humans as common chimps - war, aggression, violence) to paniscus (humans as bonobo chimps - peaceable, egalitarian, matriarchal and very sexual -- as narratives) of the mind vis-a-vis


How can we develop PRACTICES, as fundamental as being a Friend, that respect & honor digital privacy & freedom from interference, for related benefits. There is great good in respecting digital privacy, and privacy, in general. Why don't the 'state,' individuals and others see that, in addition to it being in the spirit of U.S. law, which is another 'good' worth respecting, in many cases (e.g. except for war tax resistance, etc.)? Humans' common chimp behavior (troglodytes) gets me down. I'd like to create contexts and language for extraordinarily great behavior, while not forgetting human tendencies to 'troglodytism' (much human history?).

How would you, who have not respected others' privacy (legally or not), or interfered with others (whether through harming, stealing, etc.) change your behavior, and invite others to change their behavior, simply because it makes sense, and is good for the other person and for you (e.g. non-punitively)? I'd like my privacy and rights, please, and restitution from past consequences of the loss thereof. Thank you.

Language, education, culture and material resources ... seem to be part of the answer, when conscience fails ....


(To anyone among my FB friends who might know who took my computer and backpack:)

May I please have back my knapsack with computer, soon, which was stolen on June 23 in SF - esp. the manuscripts - and the replacement costs?


appreciates the yamas (yoga) - nonharming, truthfulness, restraint of sexuality, nonstealing, and restraint of greed. They can protect from a lot.


Here's a compelling argument for index investing, - and socially conscious? - . See Vanguard's Jack Bogle's interview with Steve Forbes here, too:, as well as an argument, by extension, for socially responsible index investing. And check out Morningstar Guide to Mutual Funds in your local library.


... a flourishing a 'thing thinging' & How? And why don't people gravitate to loving bliss elicitation? More research IS needed.


... wants to make possible ongoing innovation of ideas for millennia with esp. re: e.g. loving bliss neurophysiology


I blog about bliss fairly frequently : - click on the 'loving bliss' category. Here's are exploratory Guidelines for Eliciting Loving Bliss vis-a-vis Practicing a Musical Instrument {}

With friendly greetings, Scott


Game changer? An open, free World University & School wiki where we can all teach and learn? Let's make it so at I hope World University & School will expand and extend, as well as innovate.


Beethoven's music is incredible ... listen closely ... :) lean back ... and let the music pour down your inner back bodymind like honey ... cascades of upwelling music ... from the 5th and the 8th symphonies ... to: just put on the 9th - here we go - bliss tripping ahead :) ...

( - November 30, 2009)

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