Saturday, March 26, 2011

Deer Fern Fiddlehead: To someone interested in Developing / Volunteering at World Univ & Sch, Academic Subjects, Community, Fund-Raising, Learning Opp

To someone interested in developing / volunteering at World University and School, with an academic background and orientation:

Here are some possible foci ...

- Developing, for example, the Mathematics' subject page (, creatively, e.g. with mind-turning resources, and with eventual, university degree-granting in mind, building on MIT OCW, Berkeley Webcast. et al.

- Developing the community-building intern position foci, particularly developing WUaS group-editing, like Wikipedia, seeking 'good edits' (e.g. students at great universities teaching to their cell phone video, then pressing a button to add it to WUAS), including writing community building job description.

- Developing the fund-raising intern position foci, including writing job description, and (co-)authoring a grant


- Starting & developing a subject page(s) in areas you want to find employment in, or eventually study


Thank you. WUaS is pretty open, and potentially helpful to s/he who engages it, with an invitation to click 'edit this page.' It's also a learning opportunity. Let's talk soon.


( - March 26. 2011)


Bianchii said...

I started to write blog in English.
I will write about everything, will be a lot of pictures, reviews of books, films, songs etc.
So it would be nice if you visit my blog sometimes :)
(Sorry for mistakes, I'm still learning English)
(you can follow me)

Scott MacLeod: said...

Thanks, interesting ... keep in touch ...