Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Firefly: I came upon a feast of lights spread speckle 'cross hill and vale

I came upon a feast of lights spread speckle 'cross hill and vale

I came upon a feast of lights
spread speckle 'cross hill and vale,
and reveled
in their evening softnesses.
And from Harbin's redwood,
sleeping deck, below,
I saw Gazebo's
octagonal lights,
on Mainside, -
a tasty, illuminated pie, -
ready to spin-off
in a wee-wee :)
through starry cosmos,
but, instead,
centers this
beauty gaze,
in winter,
at night,
from here.

I walked in on that dark,
empty, village path, at night.
No one was around ...
It would have been easy
to stumble upon
some jutting rock,
but I didn't,
and so came to this
of glimmering,
night-light beauty, -
this redwood deck,
which, so full in the day
with resting,
naked bodyminds,
in solace-ease
from stresses of modernities,
gives forth these
welcoming visions
of la lumière.

Heading now
into the pool area,
I bring this light
show with, and in,
my bodymind,
to venture deeper
into mysteries
of aliveness, -
naked, warm and free -
in Harbin's watery warmth.

Where are you now,
my love,
with whom this all to share,
and rock out in with,
all together?

And, oh, what beautiful orchards
of ripe, fruit, human living! ...

Pools now,
in warm-oneness-ease ...

Heading on in now ....

What delight this night,
in this very warm pool!
Why this particular,
bodymind joy,
this eve?
Nothing special ... don't know ...
Was it because I talked,
and connected,
with a smart, receptive friend,
in words, about loving bliss,
on the phone coming up?
We thought outloud about
this bliss-love:
Ecstasy is MDMA,
methylene dioxy meth amphetamine, -
a love-everything-in-the-world-intensely,
for 5-8 hours,
biochemical, bodymind,
reference experience
for 75% of we ingesters, -
for affective euphoria, -
and one,
of so, so many,
replicatable qualities of bliss,
for we who are biological beings, -
symbolizing, human primates,
shaped by evolution
by natural selection.

And we talked further about
Scottish Country Dancing,
which we've done together,
quite long ago,
with bliss,
via its ebullient
series of tones,
its music, movement,
and sociable interactiveness.
It's a related, also replicable -
like technology, - example.

Was it, too, the Ginseng tea,
earlier today, of which
I hadn't drunk in a while?

Still, the weather of my bodymind
hasn't yet found its
cello bow strokes
of loving bliss agency,
of this music-making,
here and now,
when desired.

And as I write,
and while in concert hall,
of this Harbin warm pool, -
my bodymind, yes,
is conducive to such bliss,
yet, I haven't caused
these joys.

What can cause bodymind,
loving bliss, whenever, but,
especially, here now?

I do, though,
like this weather,
here tonight,
in winter,
at Harbin.

(http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2011/03/firefly-i-came-upon-feast-of-lights.html - March 8, 2011)

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