Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ice on cedar: Harbin field notes & poem - I came upon a feast of lights spread out across the hill and valley

I came upon a feast of lights spread out across the hill and valley

I came upon a feast of lights
speckle-spread out across
the hill and valley,
and reveled
in their evening softnesses.
And from Harbin's redwood,
sleeping deck, below, I saw
the Gazebo's octagonal lights,
of Mainside,
a tasty pie of illumination,
ready to spin off as a
through the universe
but, instead, is a center
of this light beauty at Harbin,
in the winter, at night,
from here.

I walked in on the dark,
empty, village path at night.
No one was around ...
It would have been easy
to stumble on some jutting rock,
but I didn't,
and so came to this
stopping place
of glimmering, night-light beauty,
from this redwood deck, -
which, so full in the day
with resting, naked bodyminds,
in solace-ease
from modernities' stresses,
and welcomed these visions.
Now heading into the pool area,
I bring this light show with,
and in, my bodymind,
to bring me deeper
into the mysteries of
aliveness, -
naked, warm and free -
in the warm pool.
Where is she, my love,
with whom this all to share,
and rock out with in,
Oh, this beautiful orchard
of ripe fruit human living ...
Pools now,
in warm oneness ease ...
moving on in now ....

What delight this night
in the warm pool.
Why this particular
bodymind joy
this eve?
Nothing special ... Don't know ...
Because I talked and connected
with a smart, receptive friend,
in words, about loving bliss,
on the phone coming up?
MDMA - methylene dioxy meth amphetamine,
theoretically as biochemical bodymind experience for 75%,
Scottish Country dancing for
series of tones/music, movement, interactive sociability
Ginseng tea?
The weather of my bodymind
hasn't found its cello bow strokes
of loving bliss musics, as I write -
and the concert hall
of this Harbin warm pool
and my bodymind
are conducive, but don't cause,
these joys. ...
I like this weather, though, tonight.

Movies in the theater tonight?
'Tamara Drewe,' a film from Dorset England,
and 'No End in Sight' (2007), about the
American War in Iraq,
and U.S. governmental wrongdoing, yet
again, and so soon after the
American War in Vietnam,
and the other wars in between.
When will we ever learn? ....
that war is not the answer (FCNL).
The cast of characters at the top
are again the perpetrators of
this wrong, with tons of money,
through organizational
inability, and ineptitude, it seems.
And the film 'Tamara Drewe'
also depicted an old theme of
British village life, and love,
with English characters in 2009.
Moral stories, both,
and all for learning about others
from this Harbin theater,
in northern California in 2011.
Given these depictions
where's the 'love,' in sociocultural life,
let alone bliss?
Why is love so faint, so often, -
Pan trodlodytism (common chimpanzee-ness of humans)? -
and how to move, culturally,
to fulsome love, as widespread discourse?
Love is one of the best things in life -
And while Modernities' economic conveniences
are benefiting some in the world,
let's see if they can benefit all,
and with love, as well.


From the round table in the corner of Harbin's restaurant, you can see the green-copper-with-gloden-star-orb spire of the Harbin Temple against the beautiful forested side of the valley, and across the valley through the other window, you can seem the Harbin Domes bubbling up in the distance.

( - March 9, 2011)

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