Saturday, April 9, 2011

California: Shut down Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant on California coast now, First built to withstand a 6.75 earthquake, then a 7.5, - Fukushima was 9.0

Shut down Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant on California's coast now.

It was first built (in 1968) to withstand a 6.75 earthquake, then re-designed to withstand a 7.5, and Fukushima Dai-ichi was a 9.0 earthquake ...

One BIG earthquake with Diablo Nuclear Plant can RUIN California FOREVER.

Nuclear WASTE is a TIME BOMB forever, too.

Abolish Nuclear.

Nuclear is not worth the risk, post Fukushima.


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I've added all three of these links to the growing World University and School's "Nuclear Science and Engineering" subject:


Back in the 50s and 60s, what was the Language that the Nuclear Industry in California used to override enormously sensible SCIENTIFIC concern about putting California Nuclear reactors in two earthquake zones.

What an awful, horrible legacy the Nuclear Industry has left us ...

Nuclear plants and waste are TIME BOMBS forever ... ... added ...


Aftershocks in northern Japan - 3 more Nuclear reactors crippled - this is awful - - Let's shut down Diablo Nuclear Reactor in Calif BEFORE such an ongoing nightmare scenario occurs here, for example. Abolish Nuclear.


What a poor accounting science is having in Japan with ongoing Nuclear horrors ...

I think if such a UC Berkeley Nuclear Science department's hypothetical partial letter (below) were followed up by similar ones from Stanford and MIT, there'd be change on the nuclear front - just for the most risky nuclear plants, to start - as we're seeing nuclear plants in earthquake zones have horrific forever consequences.

Science should have prevented the Fukushima nuclear horrors ... Abolish Nuclear ...

Post Fukushima, the letter from the UC Berkeley Nuclear Science Dept. to PG&E and the CA State legislature to close Diable Nuclear plant might read 'We have reviewed your earthquake / Tsunami preparedness, and sea-level rise due to climate change, plans, and find them woefully ...

It's by science and public outcry in the Internet media that the next three Fukushima Dai-ichis will be avoided.


I doubt the costs of a RUINED California can be offset by any gains in power generation or profit ... so difficult, post-Fukushima, to scientifically engineer for the next big earthquake especially on this geologically moving earth, and Nuclear WASTE is a TIME BOMB forever (22,000 years).

The time to act is NOW, California ... BEFORE, not after the next big earthquake that hits Diablo Nuclear Plant ...

And why hasn't this risk been acted on for decades?

Abolish nuclear ... !

( - April 9, 2011)

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