Friday, April 15, 2011

Sierra Mtns Moon: Curious how World Univ & Sch might make place-making for anthropological field sites easy, Milieus for loving bliss generation

How could World University & School make place-making for anthropological field sites,

- e.g. a virtual Harbin, an UNESCO world heritage site, a city, a small country, a garden -

easy, free & instructive,

in interactive (with avatars and communication), virtual worlds,

for anthropology graduate & undergraduate students, especially, and everyone

(it still isn't easy to make 'accurate' topography in Second Life, for example) - ...

and also give rise to milieus for loving bliss generation? ...

One great example of a MILIEU which gives rise to, or generates, qualities of loving bliss neurophysiology are Grateful Dead concerts for deadheads (& me) ...

... grow this, in new ways, in-world in virtual worlds

... Subcultures and music can generate bliss :)

( - April 15, 2011)

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