Sunday, April 10, 2011

Melo: Milieus - cultures - that generate loving bliss (this neurophysiology)?, Grateful Dead, Raga, Piping, How sweet to learn & teach openly, Omegas

Milieus - cultures - that generate loving bliss (this neurophysiology)?

What an idea

... add your thoughts to the Loving Bliss Eliciting wiki page at WUaS which you'll find here ...

... How sweet it can be to learn & teach openly & innovatively.

Grateful Dead, some raga ... piping music ...

Could this WUaS page become a milieu, culture or opening, itself, to Loving Bliss Eliciting ... ?


just added a new WUaS subject on 'Omega 3 Fatty Acids' - - which I find beneficial in a variety of ways .... linked to the Science and World University Medical School subject pages

( - April 10, 2011)

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