Sunday, May 8, 2011

African milk goat: Give a Goat, World Univ & Sch in every African and all villages, All Languages, nontheistically Friendly Quaker Business Practice

Like the kid's book 'Give a Goat,'


I hope World University and School will be a school in every village in Africa, and everywhere,

in those languages,

for illiterate people, as well, with video cameras,

as WIKI,

partly in collaboration with One Laptop per Child (OLPC).

Here is WUaS Languages' page:

- by copying, pasting and translating parts of the growing WUaS wiki school from English.


... would like to develop (nontheistically) Friendly organizational practices at World University & School to scale it large,

with a Google's engineering approach to organization around Information Technologies, and innovation

... perhaps a new subject for this consensus decision-making in the manner of Friends with information technology

... .

Quaker Meeting for Business has worked for 350 years,

and Google has around 24,000 employees and continues to innovate as an advertising company,

and via collaboration ...

which Google now collaborates, for example, with Samsung (Nexus S), Sony (Google TV) ...


On the pragmatic side of accreditation,

WUaS as an online, free university will be particularly well-positioned,

vis-a-vis MIT OCW,

to generate Computer Programmers,


in addition to Law (2016 1st matriculating class),

Medicine (2017 1st matriculating class)

and even

especially for the digital world.

How to help generate more FUN than MIT students already have with these?


Perhaps World Univ & Sch will provide the interactive, online, university, course resources for many of the students with disabilities at the 34-ish great universities listed here -

part way down here: ...

See the free Harvard doctoral degree on this page, too:


In so many ways, WUaS - -

seeks GREAT students with its upcoming degrees,

so, the most sophisticated symbol users -

those, for example, who at the high school & college levels ENJOYED

engaging the most intellectually challenging problems in all subjects

(e.g. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford + students)

on their own,

and with compatriots.

This includes, especially, disabled peoples of ALL stripes

(in wheelchairs, with sight and hearing disabilities, etc.)

who seek the fascinating knowledge challenges in MIT OCW, -

- while at the same time WUAS will remain Wikipedia-open & flourishing for creative,

people-to-people teaching & learning.

And remember, World University and School invites you to participate in building this - just send an email here:

and join this World University and School Google group:

( - May 8, 2011)

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