Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bird landing: World Univ & Sch Media Lab, Tax increase for nonprofits w property?, Eventual WUaS Faculty as shepherds, WUaS place in 2019?, Product?

is planting the seed of a World Univ & Sch Media Lab ...

for open, WUaS digital innovation gardening -

'Media Lab at World University and School' - -

for online, digital innovation !! :) Wow ... check out the Labs, under (new) 'Select Labs' ... they look fun :)

... link to come, - as well as online Museum exhibitions, that might articulate richly with the WUaS Media Lab - :)


In so many ways, World Univ & Sch is already a Media Lab, with an interest in becoming like MIT's, but online only ...

for you and all of us, for open, WUaS digital innovation gardening - -

Innovate away at this upcoming WUaS Media Lab :)


Looks like taxes for U.S. nonprofits with property, especially, may be going up.

Check out this Boston example -

Cooper, Michael. 2011. Squeezed Cities Ask Nonprofits for More Money. May 12. -

Advantages in going virtual, -

WUaS is offering a WHALE of 'community benefits' (per the article) ... ...

FREE educational software, for example.


In what ways might World University & School,

or Universitians,

fruitfully ORCHESTRATE

doing Physics

or Mathematics

problems (MIT OCW)

TOGETHER WITH listening to the Grateful Dead or Mozart ...

New innovative approaches, with GREAT enjoyment, to LEARNING are so possible and many :)


Will every Subject page - -

yea, every page (e.g. Museums, et al.),

have an easy, fun, creative 'Try Making This Digitally' section,

where you can make something online innovatively? :) What would this be for 'Anthropology' or 'Loving Bliss Eliciting'?

... and in the Music School, oui, oui :)


In so many ways, the WUaS faculty will become

the shepherds,

key decision-makers,

or key facilitators

(because they know their subjects, esp. v-a-v innovation ahead, and as great faculty often are).

WUaS hopes to begin its FREE degree programs

(BA in 2014, PhD, Law, Medicine)

with MIT OCW (2,045 free courses presently) / Harvard

faculty streamed into virtual spaces ...

... with WUaS graduate students as in-world instructors/graders at . :)


In year 3 of the WUaS medical school (2019?),

with possible, first matriculating class in 2017,

after developing the WUaS BA, Ph.D., Law degree programs,

with 1st matriculating classes in 2014 2015 & 2016, respectively,

hopefully with MIT OCW & Harvard open courses,

will the physical site be Stanford Medical Centers?

Love it :) ... bird landing :)


thinks it looks like WUaS's 'products' are its free BA, PhD, Law, & MD programs,

along with each virtual class of students it produces

(hopefully with a kind MIT OCW, Stanford & Harvard collaborative, educational initiative for open courses).

Hmmm, - expanding definition of PRODUCT emerging - Love it :).

Perhaps some graduates will write a lot of fascinating code along the way,

and otherwise produce ‎... digitally,

and bequest their companies to WUAS, like Amar Bose did to MIT.

‎... and faculty & students' papers, dissertations, & projects, of course, are 'products,' of a sort ...


Bird landings:,-Ft.jpg,-Tampa-Bay,-FLa.jpg

( - May 12, 2011)

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