Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Havusu canyon, China: Harbin notes, Film there, Therapy

Harbin is almost cold this eve.

At the gate I saw both M & E ... . M just returned to Harbin yesterday to begin to work again at Harbin. M's energy is great, - solid, friendly, Lake County, California-steady, salt of the earth ...

nice big hug in the pool area with C who is originally from Germany (lived on Hawaii for 23 yrs with her biodynamically farming husband) as I walked in from the village path

in the pools relaxation response in lotus ... A little bliss only ... A fair number of male couples ....

saw the film 'Cashback' at 9 ... somewhat erotic British well done tale of a grocery clerk / artist / drawer of nudes who freezed time and saw the world differently then - particularly vis-a-vis beautiful naked women ... Love story ... interesting once again in light of thinking about primates ...

... vis-a-vis film I also wonder to what degree film is engaged as psychotherapy at Harbin where people - residents and visitors) use the myriad of narratives to explicate and put in perspective, and even co-constitute new ways of thinking about challenges or knotty problems in their lives. To what degree can & does someone like Ish, or a Harbin film chooser, show films specifically to this end, - in all its cultural indirectness eg who can know whom will see what film, what narratives within the film will have significance as therapy, or for understanding, etc. beyond the film-chooser and the 'passive' film recipients connection (eg Ish had a film in mind for this person, whether s/he sees it or not in the Harbin theater while visiting)

Harbin is a therapeutic place, and Ish is in a kind of fascinating role as lead therapist/head clinician, vis-a-vis its milieu, his knowledge of what's worked in the past, and the symbolic engagements he can make eg leaving the book 'The Quiet American' on a bench outside Fern, etc.

This film leads me to wonder In what ways might we go much further and create a kind of heaven or free space (vis-a-vis B, and with a lot of trust) we'd like to live in ...? How could Harbin grow in this way?

bed & sleep now

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