Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wild Apple: To Apple in memory of Steve Jobs, We both went to Reed College, His inspiration and vision & WUaS, iPhone as Musical Instr subject at WUaS

Send a message to Apple in memory of Steve Jobs: ...

Here's what I just emailed: 

Dear Apple Computer, Inc., 

I'm very sad that Steve Jobs has passed away.

My condolences to Apple and all the people there who are grieving at this loss. 

We both went to Reed College.

I hope his inspiration and vision can richly inform the growth of World University and School, like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware. 

Here's the iPhone as Musical Instrument wiki, subject at WUaS -

with an invitation to teach, learn, add, create, play and make music,

in memory of Steve. 

What a long strange trip it's been, thanks to Steve.



Hippy Steve Jobs passes away ...


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