Thursday, October 18, 2012

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Hi In,

Ok, see you on Skype on 10/29 with a further email in between concerning the differential daylight saving's time change around then.

 ... am taking this email opportunity to think through, and in writing, further how to make daily playing fun, realistically ... have played the last 2 nights right before bed for about 15 minutes each due to procrastination and lack of inspiration ... perhaps due to the repetition ... in my goal of building toward memorizing all 3 MSRs and the PCPB Medley ...

Playing with awareness {consciousness} has value in my book, for learning's sake and enjoyment's ('flow') sake, but the daily repetition to build for memorization's sake gets in the way ... a pattern dating back to my first decade of music playing (piano) ...

So, what to do, if memorization is the goal, and repetition helps with this? Adding variety and playing longer for this variety ? Playing with someone around who is inspiring (for example, my mother ) ...

And I added the 'getting paid to play / practice' idea you mentioned last week vis-a-vis the Strathclyde police pipe band here:

Just thinking out loud ... I suppose getting paid from a university (academics get paid to play, as well, in some ways), for example, to play 2 hours a day might do the trick ... as would very fun, online, musical playing spaces (something I've facilitated in Google + group video hangouts with R possibly 10 times, but there's internet lag still ... nevertheless, the sociality changes the dynamic of the repetition of practicing) in real time  :)

... as would generating further a musical culture here online (and in the East Bay Hills) where lots of people make music a lot of the time ... the College of Piping in Glasgow is partly this idea ... Who enjoys practicing there, in the sense of rocking out on it, and why, I wonder? ... learning from others ... Nevertheless, I hear you, as a professional piper, when you say daily repetition / playing is key to practicing and memorizing - and for at least 15 minutes - which brings me back to the question of how to enliven and inspire this (given patterns I've learned)? :)

But talking about this (conversation), as well as playing, with friends (a little sunshine :) is probably another part of the answer :)


On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 4:56 AM, In wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> Next monday is a problem at that time as I don`t get home till well after 5.
> Can we cancel the lesson to the following Monday when 5:40 won`t be a
> problem.
> Cheers and take care,
> In


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