Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Here's the Stanford / Coursera course called "Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship"

Hi, Universitian Team, 

Here's the Stanford / Coursera course called  "Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship" - - which I invite you heartily to take, if you please could, so that WUaS can grow to flourish. It begins this week. WUaS Board development is right at the top of my, and WUaS's, list of opportunities to focus on, in thinking about the past year for WUaS, and this course is great for this, - and free, and from Stanford. 

It also potentially offers us knowledge, as well as knowledgeable, and practical, approaches to online learning, applicable to WUaS. And we would come to communicate probably much more fulsomely than we do at present. (I've added this course to WUaS's Entrepreneurship, wiki, subject page -

And through this course we may both learn skills applicable to other boards, as well as ones that begin to make WUaS financially operational.

Thank you.


"Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship"

Here's my Profile from the course, with about 3,000 + people signed up, and it's still possible to enroll:

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