Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sobralia orchid Machu Picchu: eliciting bliss?

Hi M,

Nice to talk with you today.

Here are some thoughts about, and practices for, eliciting loving bliss -, (with more in my blog here under the 'loving bliss' label -; there's also a label for 'flow: the psychology of optimal experience' here, among other happiness-related ideas). What do you think? What would you add? How would you reformulate such? What are your cello bow strokes?

And here's a wiki, subject page at WUaS for this:

I'm curious further about your thoughts for eliciting happiness, bliss, pleasure enjoyment and loving bliss, especially your examples of how this works for you.

Conversation can be an interesting way to develop new thinking about, and experiences of, this, ~ to which I look forward with you with time.



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