Monday, November 26, 2012

Flower power: Manuel Castells' definition of counterculture, Engaged counterculture in this way in my UC Berkeley talk, "Naked, Virtual Harbin" book, New protest movements and viral media (from an UK digital anthropologist)

I was just reading Manuel Castells this morning and came upon this definition of counterculture:

"Environmentalism has also nurtured some of the counter-cultures that sprang from the 1960s' and the 1970s' movements. By counter-culture, I understand the deliberate attempt to live according to norms different, and to some extent contradictory, from those institutionally enforced by society, and to oppose those institutions on the ground of alternative principles and beliefs"

(p. 174, Castells, 2004, "The Power of Identity," 2nd edition, Volume II of Castells' trilogy "The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture," Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing).

In the talk I gave at UC Berkeley on November 2, 2012, in the Anthropology department entitled -

Naked, Virtual Harbin:
An Anthropology of Erotisme and the Touristic Imaginaire

Abstract (6 minutes)

Talk (1 hour 59 minutes)

I engaged counterculture in this way : "But briefly, in this {Naked, Virtual Harbin} book, counterculture is a progressive de-reification or de-thingification of culture, with orientations toward freedom, protest, resistance and reversal, vis-a-vis those cultural processes influenced by modernity."


And to bring this into the present in another way, and digitally:

"New protest movements and viral media" - March 26, 2012

... may add to WUaS's Social Media, wiki, subject ... ...


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