Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rainbow fish: World University and School's 1st student Board / Team meeting in Stanford Coursera course 3 Nov 2012 ... VIDEORECORDING, New, World University and School video channel, Creating Jobs, Crowdsourcing Science, Amara Subtitles for crowd-sourcing translation especially vis--a-vis MIT OCW, WUaS Universal Translator

Good, first, World University and School, student, Board / Team Meeting in a Google + group video Hangout, "On the Air," too, - for a free, Stanford class yesterday:

The conversation was focused and a good introduction to WUaS.

People from these countries participated online:

Greece and England
U.S. - California and Ohio


New, World University and School, video channel -


Gerd Moe-Behrens

Crowdsourcing Science

Building a Biological Computer


Amara Subtitles for crowdsourcing translation, especially vis--a-vis MIT OCW:


WUaS Universal Translator:



Thank you all for participating ... This was a great online introductory meeting ... You'll find the videorecording and WUaS channel plus more ... ... We'll focus on fundraising, publicity in subsequent meetings ... including with specialized focuses.



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