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Chimpanzee thinking: Law School developments at WUaS, Many Countries and Languages, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, One, WUaS 'umbrella' for law schools and teaching faculty in most countries will be potentially very helpful in the developing of legal questions in the information age

Hi Lil,

World University and School is a humongous vision and process. WUaS has a Nation States' main page (204+ countries per the Olympics) and focus, and eventually for online, C.C., Law Schools - - as well as a main Languages' page (7,413 + per "The Ethnologue") and focus - - which will inform some aspects of WUaS, C.C., Law School development in various countries - - as a beginning. Wikipedia is in 285 languages, by way of comparison, and we all are co-writing these millions of articles in many different languages, thanks to wiki information technologies.

I'm excited to see the development of the large, online, Digital Public Library of America ( which should appear this April 2013, in terms of legal resources, - for Americans it would seem at this point. It's already here at Library Resources at WUaS - - where we'll also aggregate other open library resources from the U.S. as well as other countries' and languages' library resources as they emerge online, hopefully in publicly accessible ways.

MIT OCW is Creative Commons' licensed, which refers to the licensing of the texts and media (emerging from copyright law, I newly learned at the Digital Copyright Stanford Law conference on Friday), and WUaS is Creative Commons' licensed, as well, so I think WUaS will have to become a content producer in the cases of the online, WUaS Law Schools and Medical Schools, but perhaps also develop collaborations with already existing Law Schools. There may be a few courses at C.C. MIT OCW that could contribute to a law degree only at this point. WUaS plans to develop both online, CC, Law Schools and online Medical Schools and in many countries and languages, and we're going to need some help!

While WUaS is degree-focused as one wing, and wiki-school focused as the other wing, it might be great to talk with the Open Law School folks.

One WUaS 'umbrella' for law schools and teaching faculty in most/all countries will be potentially very helpful in the developing of legal questions in the information age.

May I add you to both the a) open, hour-long, electronically-mediated, WUaS, monthly, business meeting, email list, as well as b) the WUaS, sporadic, email list?

Very nice to be in communication with you!

Best wishes,

On Mon 25/02/13 3:47 PM , Lil at UC Berkeley Law (Boalt) sent:

Hi Scott,

WUaS sounds very ambitious! I like it:-) Law school is definitely an area waiting to be disrupted, especially in the US, which is one of the few places in the world where it isn't an undergraduate degree.

Having taught copyright law on the web before, I can say that it is quite difficult to manage the varying jurisdictional issues. So even if you have fantastic materials from, say, Australia, they are not useful in the United States. And similarly, even if you have great materials from the US, they would not be useful in China (even setting aside the language barrier). So that is going to be a big challenge, and one you may have already thought about, to start with.

I'm also a little confused about making it "MIT OCW-centric." MIT doesn't have a law school, so as far as I know there are not many law related materials on their site. In fact, I don't know of any law schools that participate in the OCW/OER world at all!

However, I have talked to people at Peer 2 Peer University who are quite interested in building an Open Law School on their platform. It has hit the above snags (lack of open materials and jurisdictional differences) but if you are interested in working with them on making it a reality, I'd be happy to put you in touch.

Best of luck!

On 2/23/13 1:23 PM, Scott MacLeod wrote:
Hi, Lil,

Nice to talk with you at the "Copyright in the Digital Age" symposium yesterday at Stanford Law. I enjoyed your panel and talk a lot, as well.

As a followup, here's the beginning, World University and School, Law School, wiki, subject page  - with links to related, wiki pages including Creative Commons' Law, Copyright, Patenting, Intellectual Property, etc., - in English:

I've also added the symposiums videos to come - - link to WUaS's 'Copyright,' wiki, subject page - - in its 'Select Video and Audio' section.

WUaS would eventually like to develop, online, MIT OCW-centric, accredited Law Schools in many languages and potentially all countries.

Thanks again and looking forward to further communication.



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