Monday, February 25, 2013

Trifolium amoenum: WUaS in India, Law Schools and related, India subjects, Music

Dear Tika,

Likewise - very nice to meet you at the "Copyright in the Digital Age" symposium at Stanford Law, and thank you for forwarding my email to your friends in India.

Wiki, World University and School is already open for editing and open teaching (and learning), but WUaS is also planning to move to a new Wikidata wiki in the not-too-distant future which will make editing, creating and teaching yet easier and better than it is presently.

World University and School is seeking undergraduate applicants this autumn (application deadline January 1, 2014 at midnight Pacific Time) to matriculate online in the autumn of 2014 for free, MIT-centric, Creative Commons' licensed, U.S. accredited, bachelor degrees in The College at World University and School - - in English. In a sense The College at WUaS for free, undergraduate degrees is already expanding to India.

WUaS is planning to matriculate our first classes in these years - for bachelor (2014), Ph.D., (2015), law (2016 - U.S. law at this point), and M.D. (2017) degrees - in English, and is open to collaboration and initiative for other, online, MIT-centric degrees, in other countries and languages.

And here's the India, wiki page with its Links' section - (accessible here - - which will eventually become an university in itself potentially in a variety of languages in India. The links here will take you to some, beginning languages in India, in English, but will eventually be in those languages, as well; you can also access these initial languages at the 'Languages' wiki, subject page here - In this Links' section, you'll also find some initial, musical instruments in India, which you can also access in the WUaS Music School ...

I'll add your gmail to both WUaS's sporadic email list, as well as to the open, electronically-mediated, monthly, business meeting, email list, unless you would prefer otherwise.

Best wishes,

Dear Scott

It was a pleasure to meet you and discuss your extremely interesting initiative. I am forwarding your email to some of my friends in India just to spread the word.

If you ever decide to expand and develop the program to India, do let me know. I'm sure there will be several people who would love to contribute.

Good luck with your project, and looking forward to staying in touch.


LL.M. Candidate 2013
Law, Science and Technology Program
Stanford Law School

On 23 February 2013 13:26, Scott MacLeod <> wrote:

Dear Tika,

Nice to talk with you at the "Copyright in the Digital Age" symposium yesterday at Stanford Law.

As a followup, here's the beginning, World University and School, Law School, wiki, subject page  - with links to related, wiki pages including Creative Commons' Law, Copyright, Patenting, Intellectual Property, etc., - in English:

I've also added the link to WUaS's 'Copyright,' wiki, subject page - - in its 'Select Video and Audio' section.

WUaS would eventually like to develop, online, MIT OCW-centric, accredited Law Schools in many languages and potentially all countries.

Thanks again and looking forward to further communication.


Scott MacLeod
Founder & President

World University and School
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