Friday, February 8, 2013

Macaques in hot springs grooming: MIT OCW WUaS into other Languages, Developing WUaS plan, On the WUaS, wiki side of things, On the WUaS, wiki degree of things, MIT translated courses as basis

Hi, Juan,

I'll look to add the Spanish OCW web site - - to WUaS's Spanish page.

Here are some main steps as I'm thinking them through at present for developing WUaS, online universities in Spanish, Greek, Indonesian, and possibly in German, Norwegian and Mandarin languages (the languages emerging from our 'Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship' course - about which I've blogged here with resources - - and congratulations on this Coursera accomplishment!) : 

On the WUaS, wiki side of things: 

- get the WUaS wiki up and running in Wikidata / Wikibase in these languages, and with about 500 pages from the current WUaS Wikia wiki, with translated a) WUaS, page, Subject names, b) section headings and sections, etc., so people in these languages can start openly wiki teaching to and learning from each other. 

On the WUaS, degree side of things for large languages (1-5+ million speakers, each): 

- begin to develop a plan for MIT OCW in these languages. MIT OCW has already translated some of its courses, which is a basis -  ...

- MIT OCW-centric WUaS would also like to accredit in many of these countries with the above languages for MIT-centric, bachelor, Ph.D., I.B., law and M.D., degrees, so beginning the first steps of accreditation in these languages is part of this process (while adding what one loves to think about and teach about to the WUaS wiki, if one likes). And while there are great OCW resources emerging in many languages, such as the ones you point to, Juan, WUaS wants to develop, and build on, MIT OCW courses (and possibly Yale OYC, and Harvard if possible - so as to become the online MIT / Harvard of the internet) to a very large degree, - for a standard, as a basis, for content, for grading and credentials, for faculty, plus for many other reasons ...

- begin to develop a funding / fundraising plan in each country, potentially in conjunction with MIT itself (I've applied for a faculty position in the MIT Media Lab and will hear in mid-February) with each countries' governments' Department of Education, or similar, and with companies in these countries. ...

- begin to develop a calendar and budget for all of this ... 

MIT, Free (to students), C.C., wiki, ... friendly  ... e.e.

So before we develop what each of us can do individually, it would be great, as an email, WUaS "Languages and Countries" committee, which it seems we're becoming, to develop this unfolding plan a little further, which both of you, Juan and Tito, are already helping to do with your questions and thoughts. 

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