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Kirtland's warbler: Bagpipe jamming, Grateful Dead-inspired? :), Top piping quartet with time?, Search on 'QUARTETS,' 'JAMMING' as well as 'INNOVATIVE' here at Bagpipe Tutorial at WUaS - - for great music

Hello Bri!

Greetings from Canyon. I've been meaning to email you for a while to see if you'd like to get together to bagpipe jam.

Would you like to get together this following Saturday, April 6, around 1 (or some night this week, e.g. Thursday, April 4 around 7, or another time) to explore making music together (I have Grateful Dead-informed bliss on the pipes in the back of my mind, over time, and perhaps even a good quartet) - perhaps at my place in Canyon?

I'm enjoying playing the tune you wrote, 'Babylon by the Bay,' these days, and I'm continuing to take an online, Skype lesson with Iain in Glasgow, which is enjoyable, and a good resource.

Your piping friend,


Would really dig getting together for some Dead jam!!  What about early Sunday morning?  My folks are in town this week from Ohio.  Cheers!


Great ... you may have to be Jerry at first, and guide us on our trip, helping us with lift off ;) ... and I'll be Phil Lesh or Mickey Hart or Bobby Weir, or even Pigpen or Brent Mydland, for that matter (I'm starting keyboards and singing again soon) ... in piping terms, this might mean we'll be Fred Morrison, Gordon Duncan and, yes, yes, yes, Stuart Liddell ... What's our blues' play list to get us started (besides 'Babylon by the Bay') ... for ongoing generativity in developing creative piping ... (but wouldn't mind developing the technical proficiency and musicality that comes from competing at the top together as a quartet, as well ... exploring ongoing, generative, creativity, especially, has a lot of appeal) ...

Sunday mornings, in general, could work for me ... and piping at 9a or 9:30 in Canyon probably would work, as well, but probably not before 10 for pipes - we can jam a lot on chanters before that ... but could we first try April 14th? ...  perhaps to begin, amidst our busy lives, and possibly evenings, as well ...

Happy, enlivening piping :),

Stuart Liddell plays Thunderstruck toward the end of this great lunchtime recital ...

Stuart Liddell - Lunchtime Recital 2010: 4 of 8

And here's the series with Stuart, beginning with 2 of 8


Cool!  Let's touch base closer to the 14th.  Possibly some evenings in summertime.



sometimes this summer in the evenings may work ... Let's explore online Music Playing Spaces with time ... will touch base nearer 4/14 :)




Some further ideas about moving toward a top piping quartet - "The Bella Bagpipe Quartet" :) or "The Prince Charles Pipe Band Quartet" (perhaps this latter already exists)?

If we wanted to become a top quartet, how much time would we have to spend, and how to make every minute greatly enjoyable?

Here are some Top Piping Quartets I enjoy ...

Scottish Power winner 2008
I like the attack, the first tune, and the music and feel here -

Inveraray and District Pipe Band, Winner, International Quartet Competition, Piping Live 2011.
I like the musicianship, and the music, esp the tune around 3:45 minutes Inverary and District winner 2011 ...

Inverary and District winner 2012
I like the musicianship, but less so the music ...

Search on 'QUARTETS' here at Bagpipe Tutorials at WUaS - - for other ones that have moved me

And further search again on both 'JAMMING' as well as 'INNOVATIVE' here - - for great MUSIC.

How about you?



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