Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Salt Creek Tiger Beetles: Please share with your fellow Indonesians that WUaS is soft-launched, in English, perhaps by emailing them this WUaS blog entry, WUaS in Spain, first in English, and then in Spanish, as pilots?, WUaS languages' and countries' committee with Board Members' abroad

Hi Tito, (and G, J, S, and Universitians),

Great and thanks again for the reminder.

Please share with your fellow Indonesians that WUaS is soft-launched, in English, perhaps by emailing them this WUaS blog entry -

I'd like to put you in touch especially with our new, WUaS, Board member, G.N. (welcome!), who is originally from Malaysia, but lives in the Washington DC area, and, like myself, also went to Reed College (as well as Princeton, and has much international education and economics' experience). Govind has also expressed recently interest in developing WUaS in Malaysia, and perhaps Azerbijian and other countries. As I've mentioned in other emails, perhaps the three of us, as well as J (in Spain) and S (from Greece and in England) could form a committee to focus bringing WUaS to other countries, especially Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, England and Greece, first in English.

J and S (haven't heard from you in a while - are you out there? :), are you interested in helping focus bringing MIT-centric WUaS in English to Spain, Spanish-speaking countries, England and Greece?

WUaS is seeking students to apply this autumn, and please share the above blog link that WUaS is soft-launched, and to keep an eye on this blog for further updates about applying (in Indonesia and elsewhere!)

Sorry you fell asleep the other evening in Indonesia, before monthly business meeting, Tito, and in planning for WUaS in Indonesia in English, and using the Conference Method (http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Conference_Method_of_Teaching_and_Learning), WUaS will have to plan for this time zone difference.


J, (Board, and sporadic, email Universitians),

Thank you for your email here below, and I'm c.c. including publicly all the current, WUaS Board members in this reply.

Since you're on the WUaS Board, living in Spain, and Spanish is one of the priority/or first, United Nations' languages in which WUaS plans to develop after English, -

and launching in Spain in English could be a good precursor to WUaS launching in Spain in Spanish (and then WUaS launching in other Spanish lands),

for accreditation (bachelor, Ph.D., law and M.D., as well as the high school I.B. diploma)

and for the bookstore/computer store

for textbooks and intellectual resources (I hope we'll be able to plan for most contingencies in most countries - which comprise a lot of variables)

for free, CC, MIT OCW-centric, university degrees,

all the while growing as a wiki for people-to-people teaching and learning in all 7,413 languages (Wikipedia, by way of comparison, is in 285 languages) -

WUaS piloting in Spain with you on the WUaS Board has much merit.

"Greetings Scott, and the rest of the board.

I'm happy to see the progres of WUaS. To keep you updated on my activities, I'm working on a project, that shares part of the mission of WUaS. We are soon launching our pilot course.

Welcome also to G. The action plan suggested seems like the right foundation. Count on me to promote WUaS on Spain. I believe we can find methods.



I'm hopeful particularly that WUaS Board members in and from non-U.S. countries and non-English languages can facilitate together a flourishing World University and School on the WUaS languages' and countries' committee.



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