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Red howler monkey: Google's “Don't Be Evil” motto in digital spheres, and progressive, Quakerly (very) democratic WUaS, Friendly Process, World University and School's philosophy: “Do Good, Do Great, Do Care, - Information Technologically”

Getting together - 

(here in the Blue Room Cafe at Harbin, with its new, green chairs, and transparent, glass, circular, bubble tables) - 

a new blog entry vis-a-vis Google's “Don't Be Evil” motto ('t_be_evil) in digital spheres, and progressive, Quakerly, (very) democratic World University and School. 

(Need to add the primary color yellow, and I renamed the cafe “Blue Room Cafe with Green chairs” or the “Blue Green Room Cafe” I said to Amethyst, who is great, as we spoke a little).

I admire Google's information technology innovations and good software that are oriented toward the public good, much of which is free and works well (seemingly in contrast to many other companies' products, where the profit motive seems to cloud significantly benefitting the people that purchase their goods), and Google is a profitable, ('advertising,' curiously) company. As a consequence of Google's “Do No Evil” approach, I generally trust that Google employees, or non-employees' people in the Google network, for example, won't get into my Google accounts and delete or change things remotely, harming my information technologies in the process. And similarly I generally trust that Google won't get into my computer's hard drive remotely and change things, for example, and cut off my internet access, as appeared to happen just yesterday.

To rif with Google's philosophy of “Do No Evil,” I'd like to inform World University and School's organization, and information technologies, with the philosophy of “Do Good, Do Great, Do Love, - Information Technologically” both a little nontheistically f/Friendly/Quaker informed (as ethos, discourse, culture and discernment process) as well as evolutionarily biologically (as human primates for example). But at this time in history, as a MIT OCW-centric, online, free, startup university, planned for all languages and countries, with no employees or staff, WUaS, as I see it (as its founder), is progressive and Quakerly, democratic process - "of a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives" from the Apple dictionary, engaging a Friendly-informed meeting for business process, but nontheistically, where WUaS business meetings' openness to WUaS community participation worldwide welcomes voices and ideas of all people involved with WUaS. The locus of decision-making, and by extension governance, is the WUaS monthly business meeting, with an invitation to participate.

In a recent, Quaker magazine I received in the mail - “Western Friend: Plain Speech and Spirit in the West,” March/April 2013 - entitled “On Power,” the back cover has a note which reads:

“Notes on Quaker Culture
Inspired by Diana Forsythe (1997)

When reaching decisions in a Meeting for Business, Friends shun consensus (a secular decision, usually comprising the common acceptable part of the opinions brought by those present). Rather, Friends seek the unity which is the result of spiritual discernment of God's leading for the group, often an unexpected decision transcending the opinions brought by those present.”

As a nontheist f/Friend myself (and founder of WUaS), and with questions/doubts/scepticism about the word 'spirit,' yet with secular World University and School engaging f/Friendly monthly meeting for business (now in Google + group video hangouts, and formerly in Free Conference Call), and scalable, Quaker process in general, adapted for colleges and universities (WUaS hasn't begun to learn from Haverford, Swarthmore and Earlham, for example, about Quaker process at the university level), WUaS engages a decision-making process which seeks a kind of unity, nontheistically and friendly informed, and which is radically democratic, everyone having a voice, since welcoming, WUaS monthly business meetings are open to all (2nd Saturdays of the month at 9 am PT - simply email to participate -, and now mediated electronically and information technologically.

How to participate in WUaS monthly business meeting

WUaS is LAUNCHED, in English

World University and School's philosophy, or informal motto

“Do Good, Do Great, Do Care, - Information Technologically” or 

“Do Good, Do Great, Do Love, - Information Technologically”


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