Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sea Turtle: Jim Morrison of "The Doors" ... wow ... "The Doors --- Liquid Nights," So potent, this poem-video, how to rif as I listen, with - but don't watch, because I write - this here now? Jim sings a powerful energy ... I rif back with.

Jim Morrison of "The Doors" ... wow ...

The Doors --- Liquid Nights

So potent,
this video-poem,
how to rif
as I listen, with -
but don't watch,
because I write -
this here now?
Jim sings a powerful energy ~
I rif back with.

And might I bring my poetry -
http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/search/label/poetry -
further alive,
with his, theirs, The Doors,
and The Dead,
... with music,
with rock and roll,
with poetry rock and roll,
in video,
but with the raw power of love and care,
somehow Bonobo-wise with
warm Harbin-fluid?

Jim is generative ...

urban edge,
poet power voice,
with symbols,
with sounds,
of a time -
sexual, sexy,
sex in this rock ...
with her, with them ...

Harbin streams through this,
of a time,
but Jim is gone,
overdosed dead, -
now lying  ... 
in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris ... 

(listen to how Morrison's poetry is tamed by this musical arrangement, 
and artist, and time and change - 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSncHZG3y34 -
Jim Morrison's Poem arranged with G. Winston Piano Version by Roberto Razzetti) ...

1960s visit in you here in Père Lachaise, Jim,  
(in Razzetti's video, too)
again and again, 
because you soar, and we soar with you, 
your poem-music brings us
again and again
to now-freedom with such emotional power.

Morrison sings, sees reality
and makes, creates with
his voice, his mind, his rock
a meaningful, human, powerful
But his generative
counterculture moved on too ...
so that generator folds into this time ...
some in the web ...

There's love here
in more than its raw sexuality
its realities of the street,
more than "Confusion ... eat me ... this way,
will you die for me? ... the end" ...
sounds too common chimp-ish,
or rock religion-ish,
to me ...
it is ...
Yet "The Doors" open the way
to illuminati creativity
 rock music
freedom poetry  ...

let's re-write, re-rif a poem
with this pipe major -
Jim Morrison -
here now -
with bagpiping?
with the Doors or the Dead
in pipe music, innovatively ... ?

Which poem(s) of mine?

These? these speak to me ... read and sung with nature in the video background for what serendipity emerges and with Doors or Grateful Dead-riffed music, or piping, moving toward Jim Morrison energy to open the doors of perception?

The blueness of the sky at night: I do choose to write the muse of bliss unfolding


Firefly: I came upon a feast of lights spread speckle 'cross hill and vale


May try on the road to Harbin these days ... 


some of these vids may end up here at 1960s at WUaS ...

Morrison, Joplin and Hendrix - Playing Red House

check them all out, but check out Hendrix esp. around 2 minutes ... transforming his bliss into his music - high energy blues' wise - and sharing it with everybody with love ... 


{begins with bird soaring along ocean cliffs in the sun}

The Doors - Waiting For The Sun

(looks like a remix by Mutter)


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