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Eastern cottontails: "Cuttyhunk Kids, Learning to Sail, Talent Show: Summers of Love in the 1970s," Learning online from Ken Burns, Cuttyhunk documentary film beginning outline

I found, yesterday, this wiki web page particularly helpful for beginning a Cuttyhunk documentary film (and which I've added to the WUaS film schools / subjects below):

How to Create a Good Documentary Film. 2014. [ How to Create a Good Documentary Film]. .

"Ken Burns Interview Part 1 of 4 - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG" *

And today I found online the following interviews with Ken Burns: 

Burns, Ken. 2007. [ Ken Burns]. (video). .

Burns, Ken, interviewed by Austin Allen. 2009. [ KEN BURNS: Documentary Filmmaker]. (Video with transcript). .

Burns, Ken, interviewed by Austin Allen. 2009. [ KEN BURNS: History as Good Storytelling]. .

Cieplax-Mayr von Baldeggmay, Kasia. 2012. [ Ken Burns on Why His Formula for a Great Story Is 1+1=3]. (with transcript). .


Liking Ken Burns' focus on love which he talks about here at about the 4 minute mark ... 

"Sometimes people find the principle emotion of those higher emotions is love and love is very embarrassing and complicated word for a lot of people. They decide early on whether they deal with it or can deal with it. It’s usually reserved for the person they’re married to and their children and that’s about it, but love is actually the ingredient of the universe. It’s the quantity that makes things work and so if you deal with love as I do as the ultimate theme underlying all stories it’s a form of communication, but also of love." (

I'd like to focus on love on Cuttyhunk and in the late 1970s ...


Liking too Ken Burns' focus on something transcendent, the emotion of love, and his love for his mother


“trust in the possibility that people can change

coalesce around stories that can seem transcendent “


“about loss of his mother, and love for her"
( )


So, drawing on this - - I'd like to write and script a documentary with a beginning working title of something like, as a beginning -

"Cuttyhunk Kids, Learning to Sail, Talent Shows: Summers of Love in the 1970s"

but also broadly "Documentary of Cuttyhunk in the 1970s"

(and then perhaps expand these titles)


So the film is about

and about love per Ken Burns


Topic -

qualities of love, {vis-a-vis 1960's influenced envisioning about an exploration on} Cuttyhunk as kind of loving community (from kinds of progressive liberalism and change perspectives even)


Audience - 

In terms of audience, Cuttyhunkers will resonate with love theme, especially vis-a-vis kids on Cuttyhunk and interviews, but how to make this historical documentary appeal to a wider audience of boat people coming to the CHS (and for selling it). 


Purpose -

Cuttyhunk as a unique model for making the world a better place (Ken Burns' change)


Research - 

interviews, CHS resources, 


Outline - 

Writing script


Boatbuilding on Cuttyhunk class emerging out of yacht club (1979)... lead to eventually someone else building a little wooden dinghy that was used by yacht club students for decades (Watermelon)

And the yacht club needed a row boat ... so it was an innovation to have a class on building one ...


Qualities of relating and connecting between people ... on Cuttyhunk, due to community and people's friendliness ... so multi-perspectival and multi-people-interconnected and intergenerationally and trusting and caring... so Cuttyhunk's culture in those decades from the perspective of 1960-s and '70s-informed teenagers growing up there in the summer (some 40 years later) ...


For me as a teen in the 1970s on Cuttyhunk, doing summer jobs here, I saw the possibilities of change for the better in the world. And Cuttyhunk was a real-world, yet remote from the modern world (where vis-a-vis the '60s, the world was falling apart with crazy wars going in many places, and injustices that could be changed), and Cuttyhunk was a place to realize alternative visions of community. And living in the basement of 1960's influenced intellectuals and radicals Bet and Mar's house a few summers, and working with kids too, it was possible to conceive in language and ideas in an ongoing way the possibilities of a new and better world and explore it as reality on Cuttyhunk in a variety of ways, and with great happiness and among friends of all ages.


In terms of specific outline for editing:

Three scenes:

Historical society (and possibly where I was living on Cuttyhunk at the time)

Yacht club

Town Hall

Interviews of people in their homes


Interview transcripts -

Describe what you enjoyed about the late 1970s ...


Documentary introduction -

Bring in elements from this Cuttyhunk blog label ...


Sound and music?

folk music played by musicians on Cuttyhunk (vis-a-vis Ken Burns) or ...?


All of the above resources have been added to this WUaS film "schools" ... plus

and the "Film Making" wiki subject page, or school, at WUaS ...



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