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Flocks of birds: Rob Pierson's "Do Quakers Mean Business?" article in "Western Friend" Magazine, "I am an atheist and a Quaker" essay, Friends/Quakers in Germany, WUaS "Pharmacology" wiki subject page with some main links, "WUaS Pharmacy School," "Clinical_Trials_at_WUaS_(for_all_languages)" wiki page at WUaS

Hi Mary,

How are you? I hope this finds you well. 

Rob Pierson's group video conference call (with telephone patch in) looks interesting ... and I hope to participate tomorrow evening at 9:30 pm (eastern daylight time)

Enjoyed Rob Pierson's article  "Do Quakers Mean Business?" - - and his interview on this digital radio show with Friend Mark Helpsmeet - - too. 

Friendly regards, 


Hello, Friend Scott -

I was glad to see you’d registered for our online conversation tomorrow, “Do Quakers Mean Business?” 
(That’s Thursday, July 10, 6:30 PM Pacific / 9:30 PM Eastern)

If all goes as it should (and we’ll see!), the following information should allow you to join the conversation by phone:

phone number: 1-415-795-9875
conference code: 74....

Please announce yourself when you join, so that I can make sure to include you in the round of introductions, etc.

If you have any trouble joining us via this conference call number, please alert me by email. I’ll keep an eye on emails that arrive during the online conversation. I doubt I can successfully trouble-shoot all potential problems with this event tomorrow evening, but I’ll do my best. 

Looking forward to being in this conversation with you and other Friends tomorrow.

Mary Klein
Executive Editor

Western Friend
305 N. California Ave, Suite 203-B
Palo Alto, CA  94301-4105


Thanks, Mary, 

I added Rob's article and interview here -

Friendly regards,

Hi Mary, 

Thanks for the information about yesterday's online session.

And thanks too for the information about Adobe Connect. I'm impressed in an ongoing way with Google Plus's 10 person group video Hangouts with text chat, and its million person Q&A text tool, but it's changed as this new technology developed over the past year or two causing kinks for endusers as well; hopefully it's settling into easy reliability as technology, and it offers different functionality. (It's Google + Hangouts as classroom for the Conference Method of Teaching and Learning - - that I'm engaging for planning purposes for WUaS;s first free, CC matriculating undergraduate class hopefully in 2015). 

I'll be on the east coast until the end of July, so won't be at PYM in person. I would attend a similar-to-yesterdays-yet-different PYM gathering event online hosted by "Western Friend" in Adobe Connect if this emerged (and Walker Ranch had enough bandwidth), but won't be there physically this year. 

I'd be interested in speaking about Friendly-informed World University and School at western Yearly Meetings, for example (and even as a way to generate small streams of revenue for WUaS), if you learn of any possibilities in these veins.  

Thanks again for an interesting online session. 

Friendly regards, 


Hi Nontheist Friends, 

I just found this article by googling - 

"I contradict myself: I am an atheist and a Quaker. Does it matter what I believe, when I recognise that religion is something I need?" - 

found it interesting and germane, and added it as a reference - 

*Case, Nat. 2013. [ I contradict myself: I am an atheist and a Quaker. Does it matter what I believe, when I recognise that religion is something I need?]. London, England: Aeon Magazine. - 

to Wikipedia's Nontheist Quakers' page - 

"Nontheist Friends (atheist Quakers?)" wiki school at WUaS 

I enjoyed this article, and wonder if Nat is even possibly on this NtF email list, and whether, if you are, you might share a little bit about what lead you to write this. 

If you aren't on this list, I wonder about the contours of the wider NtF circle.

Friendly regards, 


Christopher (a Friend who has Pharmacy consulting firm in Germany), 

Have removed you for the WUaS monthly business email list per your request ... and would be interested in staying in touch about Friends/Quakers in Germany. (I was part of a little Quaker Meeting in Munich for a year in '81-82, and lived with a main family in the Meeting, the Kruegs, for about 2.5 months in their home in Garchin at the end of my year there), as well as about Quaker-informed MIT OCW-centric World University and School with time. Here's the beginning Germany WUaS - - with plans for MIT OCW-centric accredited university degrees. And here's the beginning "Quakers" wiki school for open teaching and learning, in English only currently - Here, too, is the "Pharmacology" wiki subject page with some main links - - (see too the beginning Pharmacy School from here) at WUaS. And here's the "Clinical_Trials_at_WUaS_(for_all_languages)" wiki page at WUaS -

Have you spent much time in Britain with UK Friends (such as Elizabeth Redfer, for example)?

Friendly regards,


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