Thursday, July 24, 2014

Monitor lizard: Practicing / Playing a Musical Instrument with DragonBox Algebra Computer App learning principles, Bagpiping with ETD

Was nice to practice yesterday Pibroch (Piobaireachd) on the practice chanter and with a College of Piping (CoP) yellow tutor book recording on CD (even with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and with not playing the GHB).

But I'm curious about applying the new successful DragonBox Algebra computer application insights into learning math 

(see yesterday's blog entry -

with these DragonBox learning principles ... 

"The key principles used in designing DragonBox are: 

- Students learn more when they are engaged. 
- The most important factor to learning is feedback. 
- Feedback should be immediate to be effective. 
To feel mastery is key to staying motivated. 
- Students should be presented with challenges that match their level of mastery. 
- Students should be assessed in a formative, non-intrusive way. 
- A safe environment is the key to learning. 
- Peer learning is very effective. 
- Discovery or experiential learning is much more effective than instructional-based teaching. 
- Students learn differently and at different paces. 
- The language we use to teach mathematics is a barrier to understanding."

... to practicing and learning piping or any musical instrument 

(an ongoing inquiry for me - even given 'tried and true' approaches to practicing ...

Could WUaS design a music practicing app based on the CoP tutor?


To GHB pipe or not with eustachian tube dysfunction is a question I'm asking ... about now (yesterday evening) on a beautiful evening for piping at dusk.

Time too to get a set of Scottish smallpipes to protect my right ear and possibly prevent it from getting worse. ...

And time for a medical breakthrough in ETD too. :)

Would love to learn from S and J about their trip to India, and see too if they'd play for a possible Cuttyhunk docunentary of the 1970s I'm interested in writing, producing and directing if there might be funding.

Would like to GHB pipe now :)



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