Saturday, November 15, 2014

Centranthus species: Added the names of the Kuna language and the Hupa language to MIT OCW-centric World University and School's very main "Languages" wiki page, Linguistics, Voice and Computing wiki subject at WUaS, 1960s, Scottish Country Dancing, Friends' culture

Hi Lin, 

Nice to meet and dance with you last night at Scottish Country Dancing at All Souls'. 

I added the names of the Kuna language - - and the Hupa language - - to MIT OCW-centric World University and School's very main "Languages" wiki page - - planned for all 7,106+ languages as wiki schools. Please feel free to begin a wiki school/university in either simply by clicking on a link and adding resources from the SUBJECT TEMPLATE. Here, too, is the WUaS "Linguistics"' wiki subject page/school and its current main links at WUaS (in English only so far) - Check out the far-reaching linguistics' MIT OCW here. 

You might be interested too in this video overview on one angle of "Voice and Computing" ... 

Behind the Mic: The Science of Talking with Computers. 2014. [ Behind the Mic: The Science of Talking with Computers]. Google Youtube channel. 

... which you'll find here - - too. 

WUaS will hopefully begin to develop in each of all 7,106+ languages in Artificial Intelligence / IBM Watson / Semantic Wiki - and we'll need linguistic help (but haven't begun to hire yet whatsoever)! 

While there may eventually be good career opportunities at WUaS for Ph.D.s as well as for Friends, as well as to explore generating happiness (which is a focus of mine at WUaS), WUaS is seeking to create a fairly wondrous high achieving academic ethos. (Stanford comes closest in my experience to having a fairly wondrous high achieving academic ethos, thanks, as I see it, to it being in golden California, to  it attracting a lot of the most excellent students from around the world, and to it also being somehow relaxed, as well as very prosperous. And while MIT is also great, STEM-centric wise especially, - and MIT OCW is in at least 8 non-English languages - it's not Stanford). Wondrous ethoses longterm are probably also legal ones - except when conscientious objection is involved on academic campuses perhaps for example (as in the 1960s) - and, further for example, the wondrousness of Grateful Dead concerts lasted only 30 years. 

Are you an 8th year Ph.D. student at Cal or similar? Do you think you'll finish your Ph.D. at Cal? What did you enjoy about Swarthmore? 

Let's explore going contra dancing together possibly in early December when the business of getting my actual/virtual Harbin book manuscript proposal off, as well as some further development issues with World University and School, slow down a little. 

Come to Scottish Country Dancing on Fridays in north Berkeley and possibly on Mondays at St. Clement's Episcopal Church near the Claremont Hotel in November if you're inclined to talk some more. 

And is heading to Quaker Meeting in your plans these days at all? I enjoy the releasing action meditation in unprogrammed Friends' Meeting in a biological way and I also enjoy Friends' visionary discourse, as well as Quakers' pragmatism. What do you enjoy about Friends' culture? 

Friendly regards, 

-  Scott MacLeod - Founder & President
415 480 4577
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