Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pittosporum: Melody tripping? No melody?, Know melody? Grateful Dead, Vikram Gandhi's "Kumaré," "Hi Victor, Just riffed with your and Angela's "Who are we anyway?," Vikram on the Colbert Report

        Hi Pi and Her,

        Just playing piano here a wee bit, and it came to me that I think I'm melody-tripping, and perhaps we all are on Monday evenings for Scottish Country dancing, for example. In what ways do you think so? And not so?

        Happy melody trAvels, :)


        Hi Pi and Her, D and B,

    You might enjoy this Harbin poem I wrote and posted recently -

    In terms of "melody tripping," I'm interested in beginning to explore writing poetry (click on the poetry "label" - - in my blog here) and turning them into song, perhaps first to these lovely Scottish melodies we're playing so often together. :)



No melody? Know melody? ... in different milieus (it's a subculture/milieu thing) ... aye ... :)

Fun to tune in with everyone music-making last evening

... musical empathy rocks

... the bliss spiral

... here's a kind of GD  bliss spiral (pour moi) -

... ...

How to know such "melody" playing Scottish Country Dance music? Scottish small pipes are coming to me by new year I've heard and am glad to say ...

Music-making on Thursday for melody riffing  :)

Aye, aye aye, aye,


Hi Victor,

Just riffed with your and Angela's "Who are we anyway? ~ Who am I?" ~ in my Web writing recently ~

Enjoying your blog posts/web site - and I'll look to see this Kumaré film on video -

 ... check out Vikram Gandhi on the Colbert Report ... ...

Vikram is so NY yoga ... :)




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