Monday, November 24, 2014

Zelkova: Recent Rhodes' Scholar list of undergraduate winners who might also be good eventual WUaS online graduate instructors teaching in group video to MIT professors, And in MIT OCW translated courses too, Reed College has produced many Rhode Scholars' over the years, WUaS's great universities' wiki list, Friendly / Quaker excellent graduate students and - eventually for many large languages ?

Hi D,

Thanks for this recent Rhodes' Scholar list of undergraduate winners - - who might also be good eventual WUaS online graduate instructors teaching in group video to MIT professors - (Reed College has produced many Rhodes' Scholars over the years as well, as you probably know, since your mother went there some years ago). Good idea too to look at such lists.  

How to find the best graduate student instructors to teach to MIT audio video faculty in the MIT OCW - again, - and in MIT OCW translated courses - - at all of these universities on WUaS's great universities' wiki list - - and possibly Friendly / Quaker  is a good question, and such academic achievement award lists are a starting approach - and eventually for many large languages?




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