Friday, February 27, 2015

Lotus: Quaker IB high schools teaching peace, Arabic educational software, inspiring recent conversations in "Learning for a New Era" and between Google's Head Eric Schmidt and Sal Khan


If you were to build on a fairly traditional Friends'/Quaker IB high school academic program in Ramallah (dating from 1869), now moving online, what might you add besides, as an example which I've seen which seems successful and a kind of obvious "add" academically, something like Dragon Box Algebra - (for 5 and 12 year olds) - (also at

RFS has computers and Wifi. A technology plan could possibly focus on grades 11 and 12 first in English and possibly in the sciences, and then gradually build back to kindergarten (in Arabic -, but you probably have many different great ideas.

Quaker high schools are old. Are you following what Philips Academy Andover (I think its new-ish head John Palfrey, a former Harvard Law School professor, is brilliant; he's also the co-author of the book "Digital Natives") is doing with information technology. PAA, he and Sal Khan are also working closely together on IT education questions. Khan videos seem like a logical good choice too. Here's Palfrey with some other very savvy educators - - as an example, including the smart head of the immense and very diverse LA School District, with some other resources here - - including from Sal Khan.

Hoping you and Joyce will be able to talk generatively and fruitfully about this.

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Hi Joyce and David,

Just watched this inspiring very recent conversation between Google's Head Eric Schmidt and Sal Khan - - in Mountain View from a week ago or so.

Interesting to hear ALL of this, but especially that Khan Academy has worked with Common Core Curriculum, and AP, and are the upcoming free prep software for the SAT in 2016, - but not with IB schools - all K-12 years - Friends Schools, or Arab educational software for learning (some of which should eventually emerge here in UN and MIT OCW languages first -

I'm curious for WUaS, were we able to partner with Google and Khan Academy, and Google Ocean (an emerging realistic STEM virtual world, but not yet with avatars?), even, in various ways, how to build, and in Arabic especially as an UN language, an online Friends' component (peace education-focused, and for all nation states?) in Google Hangouts, but also statistically measurable on the STEM side of high school education and test taking - and which generates flourishing {loving bliss brain chemistry even} neurophysiology.

May watch this a second time for the nuance and many meanings of their words and language - which would be difficult but not impossible to translate with machine learning in an emergent universal translator -

(Would love to listen in to your IT video conversation if it takes place - in a Google group video Hangout?).

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