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Torrey pine: An ECONOMICS' instructional design video? for graduate student instructors from MIT, Yale or Stanford, for example, and with the Conference Method viz. Reed College ... Economics' courses from Yale OYC and MIT OCW, What instructional resources Reed students found helpful and added to WUaS at Paideia in PHYSICS and ORGANIC CHEMISTRY wiki subjects - Khan Academy Organic Chemistry and UC Boulder Quantum Physics' simulations, Playing instructionally is great here at WUaS ... and wiki-wise especially

Hi Govin, 

Thanks for your call earlier today, and for the offer by your wife, who's an instructional designer, to create an economics' instructional design video(?)! This video would/could focus on how, potentially, graduate student instructors from MIT, Yale or Stanford, for example, which WUaS would hire for autumn 2016 to teach sections to matriculated WUaS students in Google + group video Hangouts or similar, - and to an introductory economic's course from CC MIT OCW (http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/audio-video-courses/#economics) or CC Yale OYC (http://oyc.yale.edu/economics) via the conference method ... as I understood what you said your wife might like to contribute to WUaS (and doing this with you who teaches economics, and as a WUaS Board member). 

As we talked about, it would be great also to engage instructing about Reed College's conference method (http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Conference_Method_of_Teaching_and_Learning) itself - and for economics - in such an instructional video which you might contribute to WUaS. Shall we explore talking to Reed economics' professors about this eventually? 

Here's the Economics' wiki subject / department at WUaS ... 
As part of your and my conversation about this, here's the blog post I mentioned to Ty Marbut, a Reed College graduate from 2007 and very talented instructional designer and film maker in Portland Oregon now, inquiring hypothetically about whether he could orchestrate designing WUaS's required, first year Humanties 101 by filming ...

 a) a year's worth of Reed College Hum 110 lectures, primarily for the Internet, and 

b) recording, for instruction, Reed's guidelines for faculty on teaching via the conference method in Hum 110 sections:

"Tarsier eyes: Thanks for your engaging Paideia workshop on Sunday on "Video Production from Scratch for Beginners" at Reed, "On Music in Film - Ken Burns," Cuttyhunk film, a) Reed College Hum 110 lectures, primarily for the Internet, and b) recording, for instruction, Reed's guidelines for faculty on teaching via the conference method in Hum 110 sections"
... among other things in this blog post.

So glad you called, Govin, and this would be a great contribution to WUaS. Please let me know your further ideas about this. 

Talk with you at the WUaS Board meeting on February 14th at 9am PT?

Thank you! 



Hi Govin and Marcel

Thanks for your emails, Govin. Sounds like something enjoyable to explore creating. (And my condolences Marcel on your recent loss). 

As further ideas to add to my email to you from today (which I've posted below) concerning where WUaS may head on its matriculated student side for free CC undergraduate and graduate degrees (WUaS is Yale OYC and MIT OCW-centric - check out the exam and related questions many of these courses offer too), and with our common Reed undergraduate experience, Govind, and vis-a-vis the Conference Method, I'd like to add an observation from the course I taught about WUaS at Reed's Paideia from a few weeks ago. 

Two of the students, on the 2nd day, both made learning resource wiki-additions of their choice to WUaS as part of class. And they both chose - ON the DEGREE/academic side of WUaS - to add academic resources they had found helpful from the web with the science courses at Reed they had taken recently. These resources might be informative to you in your economic instructional design exploration, - even as a kind of play. 

For WUaS's physics wiki subjects (e.g. http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Physics and http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Quantum_Physics), one Physics' major student, originally from Nepal, added this ... 

Simulations > Physics > Quantum Phenomena. 2015. [
 Simulations > Physics > Quantum Phenomena]. Boulder, CO: phet.colorado.edu/en/simulations/category/physics/quantum-phenomena .

... because he found it (perhaps most) helpful and well-done as science instructional design, in his Reed Quantum Physics' course last semester, I think. 

And the other student (who is the daughter of a Reedie I/we went to school with, whom I like a lot), for the Reed Organic Chemistry class she had taken last semester, added Khan Academy Chemistry resources ... e.g.

Organic Chemistry. 2015. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMoA65Dj-zk&list=PL7305D1BC80498DA6 Organic Chemistry]. Khan Academy Youtube channel.

((this Khan Academy entry which Chloe had added, and which I updated, was then removed unbeknownst to me from the Wikia "Organic Chemistry" page at WUaS, so that I had to re-add it - don't know how many other "disappearances" there have been from WUaS's Wikia, but I've noticed some over the years ... and they're probably saved somewhere in its history as well ... ))

... to WUaS's chemistry wiki subjects (http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Organic_Chemistry and http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Chemistry) because they were most helpful in explaining specific ideas in the class in a way she found useful. 

Playing is great here at WUaS ... and wiki-wise ... but the gift on the web of C.C. MIT OCW (in many languages - and here are ALL of the MIT OCW courses in economics - http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/economics/ - but not all in video, which WUaS might explore offering to matriculated undergraduate and graduate students eventually) and C.C. Yale OYC ... will probably inform how WUaS eventually helps instruct students with instructional design developments further, and when these courses are a challenge for them. 

Think also possibly in terms of a Reed College student body as the intellectual target level, as well (since WUaS seeks to model, with Yale OYC and MIT OCW courses, its undergraduate program on Reed's) for the degree side, and think OPEN and CREATIVE on the wiki (editable web pages) side ... for riffing and freely adding well-designed instruction!

I've added these two emails I've sent to you today here, by the way - http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2015/02/torrey-pine-economics-instructional.html - because these ideas may help others too. 

Have fun with these instructional design explorations, Marcel and Govin!



- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  

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