Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Polar Bear: Stanford Anthropology talk - "Climate Change, Slippery on the Skin: Embodied Empiricism in North American Climate Change Skepticism" by Prof. Kath Weston from the University of Virginia with a Stanford Ph.D., Duke University Press and your upcoming book, Duke U.P. and my actual/virtual Harbin Hot Springs ethnographic manuscript

Dear Kath,

Thanks for a fascinating talk yesterday in the Stanford Anthropology Department:

Climate Change, Slippery on the Skin: Embodied Empiricism in North American Climate Change Skepticism

I asked the question about the relationship between "classical embodiment theory" in anthropology and the word "body" vis-a-vis the ideas of bodymind, and climate change, and its relationship to wiki information technologies vis-a-vis the Thomas Jefferson cards in your slide, in the context of your talk. What were the Thomas Jefferson's cards in the slides on the screen actually about? I appreciate your observation that you typically don't use the term "the body."

Congratulations, too, on your upcoming book published with Duke University Press. I'm presently waiting to hear back from Duke U.P. about publishing my 400 page actual/virtual Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic manuscript proposal, and am hopeful, - having heard back initially from them affirmatively. Did you happen to visit Harbin while studying at Stanford? It's an enjoyable field site to write about ethnographically, and I have further books and a virtual Harbin yet to write and build, - and also enjoyable in kind of a hippie warm pool meditation way.

I'm also developing wiki CC World University and School, which is like Wikipedia with best STEM centric OpenCourseWare, and - a huge vision - planned for large languages for CC degrees, and for all 7,870 + languages as wiki schools; CC Wikipedia is in 288 languages, by way of comparison, where CC MIT OpenCourseWare is in at least 7 languages - - and CC Yale OYC also having many free online courses only in English so far. WUaS is planning to accredit on CC MIT OCW - - and CC Yale OYC - and similar, first in California.

WUaS would like eventually to hire graduate students who go/went to great universities such as to Stanford, Yale, University of Virginia and the University of Chicago, to teach in Google + group video Hangouts, for example, as we grow, with plans to offer online Bachelor, Ph.D., law and MD as well as IB high school degrees (see, for example, this beginning Admissions' department, currently an
editable wiki page:, and in large languages with time. Please keep in mind these potential job opportunities for your graduate students (with WUaS undergraduates matriculating in 2016), especially those who speak many languages, and please let colleagues like Prof. Allison Alexy, for example, and other faculty members in your department know about this as well.

Per many implications of your talk, here too is the "Ocean & Climate Management Plan" wiki subject/school at WUaS - - and planned in large languages. See all the MIT OpenCourseWare in addition to the references (addable by all of us since WUaS is a wiki - i.e. editable web pages) to get a sense of how WUaS works.

Thanks again for a fascinating talk and I hope we can stay in touch and about developing "classical embodi-mind-ment theory".

Best regards,

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