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Vaquita: March 14, 2015 Monthly Business Meeting Minutes, Agenda and Blog Entries from WUaS and Scott for World University and School

March 14, 2015 Monthly Business Meeting Minutes, Agenda and Blog Entries from WUaS and Scott for World University and School

Present: Larry Viehland, Scott MacLeod (head clerk and recording clerk)

Minute –

WUaS has started moving into MediaWiki, without advertising. Part of the reason to do this is to respect the wishes of our Creative Commons' licensed partner, MIT OCW. WUaS has begun to add Open Yale Courses that might co-constitute one or more extra majors in addition to the three we've identified - focusing on CC video courses. WUaS is considering exploring adding non-CC free edX - - and free online Yale courses - - to WUaS developing database/website of courses ( - planned for large languages in most countries), for credit, for matriculated students. 

Minute –

WUaS created the form for prospective students to enter their contact information - Please add your name if interested. WUaS needs to develop and post holistic terms of service. 

Minute - 

WUaS's proposal to FAHE - Friends Association for Higher Education - in June 2015 has been accepted. WUaS will give a talk at FAHE - (between M&W June 18-21, 2015, in Newberg, Oregon -

WUaS made an ISSIP Presentation (online at 7:30 am on March 11, 2015 viz. See: 

WUaS (Scott) is taking the 12 week HarvardX/edX course JuryX - - with Harvard Law professor Charlie Nesson which began March 10. ...

WUaS (Scott) attended the talk on February 15, 2015 at Palo Alto Friends Meeting with Joyce Ajlouny from Friends United Meeting / Ramallah Friends School / Ramallah Friends Meeting (, and is exploring collaborating with them about online International Baccalaureate (IB) high school diplomas ... and in many languages ... (See, too:


March 14, 2015 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda for World University and School

World University and School
{Open} Business Meeting – Agenda (hour-long meeting)
March 14, 2015
9 a.m., Pacific Time

Email here if you'd like to participate:

1. Welcome and Greetings

1.1 News:



This month we'll meet in Free Conference Call. 

Free Conference Call number change - it is -  - and the 
Access Code is - .

The agenda for the upcoming March 14th, 2014 WUaS, monthly, business meeting is here - 

1.2 Minutes

2. Committees

2.1 Planning committee

see Master plan and Business plan below


2.2 Finance

Treasurer's report for February 2015


WUaS has the Guidestar (affiliated with the IRS) Gold Label -

2.3 Information Technology



2.4 WUaS Outreach




2.5 Hiring planning

2.6 Fundraising

in recent email

2.7 Nominating committee

Seeking committee members, facilitators and recorders

2.8 Languages' and Countries’ committee

plan for students who's English is marginal - please attend these Language Google Hangouts

bilingual degrees? 

2.9 Accreditation committee




WASC senior

Common Application / NACAC - how to get on their list of schools? Costs?

Become member of NACAC for Common Application

3. WUaS Master Plan

4. WUaS Business Plan

5.  WUaS Board

- is looking for a new Board member to focus WUaS fundraising

6. New WUaS pages and updates

a. Updates:

b. New pages:

Tanzania,_United_Republic_of WUaS - 

c. Blog entries:

3/14 Open WUaS Monthly Business Meeting in Free Conference Call, New WUaS SIGN UP FORM, Presentation at Friends Association on Higher Education (Quakers), A COURSE in 1000+ languages, CC WUaS installed MediaWiki, 501 (c) (3) WUaS has the Guidestar (affiliated with the IRS) Gold Label 

March 14, 2015 Agenda for Monthly Business Meeting for World University and School 

Minutes for Feb 14 2015 WUaS open monthly business meeting (and agenda)

Proposed learning product for WUaS, Instructional Design and Coding for WUaS, Think MIT video (, or MIT OCW Highlights for High School - - as examples 

Trillium grandiflorum: Yale OYC, edX and Coursera/Yale, Yale isn't a partner in edX, but does post with Coursera, Goals and Principles from edX ... Our goals - Expand access to education for everyone, Enhance teaching and learning on campus and online, Advance teaching and learning through research, Our principles - Nonprofit, Open source platform, Collaborative, Financially sustainable," Posting free edX courses to our developing WUaS website/database for credit for matriculated students ... Further research needed

Camellia sasanqua: 9,000 Languages and their Countries in a spreadsheet is an amazing WUaS development because each of these languages, in this list, will become an open editable wiki school in that language and the larger languages will become accrediting universities in their nation states and also the basis for an Universal Translator, Suggestions for adding their populations of native speakers to this list?

Abutilon menziesii: 3/14 Open WUaS Monthly Business Meeting in Free Conference Call, New WUaS SIGN UP FORM, Presentation at Friends Association on Higher Education (Quakers), A COURSE in 1000+ languages, CC WUaS installed MediaWiki, 501 (c) (3) WUaS has the Guidestar (affiliated with the IRS) Gold Label

Beluga whale: A COURSE in 1000+ languages, and as a proposed ISSIP grand challenge, A basis for an Universal Translator, Slides and MP3 Audio file from my ISSIP presentation yesterday, A specific course in 1000 + languages, such as the California Drivers Handbook and related Test is a far-reachingly great idea for many reasons - a,b,c..., "Landing pages for partners" at Wikidata ... and WUaS

Compound eye: universitian database and WUaS MediaWiki - planning for all 7,870 + languages - Hacknight SF - March 11, 2015, Languages, WUaS Development Resources

Orchidaceae: "WUaS-1000 Proposed ISSIP Grand Challenge: An Universal Translator, beginning as a Guidebook with Test" Presentation by Scott MacLeod tomorrow, March 11, 2015 at 7:30 am PT, Your posting this will potentially bring in Turkish speakers who might be interested in contributing to an Universal Translator - - which is both like CC Wikipedia and for non-CC related commercial purposes, Turkey and Turkish language WUaS not yet in Turkish

Red-Eared Guenon: Harvard Law Professor Charlie Nesson's edX / HarvardX "JuryX: Deliberations for Social Change" course beginning today, You'll find this course at the beginning WUaS Law School, This deliberations' course is also very relevant to the Conference Method of Teaching and Learning at WUaS, planned for the required first year courses of Hum 101 and a Biology class with a programming aspect

Shade coffee tree: LANGUAGES in Wikitech, Wikipedia, and Wikidata, AuthManager, ContentHandler, Localisation, [Wikidata-l] weekly summary #148 - Landing Pages for Wikidata Partners, Ways into developing in different languages in Wikipedia/Wikidata, very relevant to CC WUaS's plans to develop wiki schools in all 7,870 languages

Banyan tree: Loving Bliss, Harbin warm pool, and Quaker "Faith and Practice" book language updates?, As I wait to hear back from Duke University Press about publishing my actual / virtual Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic book, In what ways might F/friends add language to F&P that queries and possibly teaches (in the manner of Friends' schools) about eliciting loving bliss far-reachingly and as Quakers?

Philippine forest turtle: Grateful Dead - Let it shine ... This one's happening ... "Turn on your lovelight" ... with Clarence Clemons on Sax ... :), Co-teach an Improv Class in autumn 2016 for WUaS first semester ... class partly in SCD Open Band?, Medicine and Therapeutic Approaches to Arthritis, Food Pyramid

Aloe: Swahili to be taught in Tanzania, and Kenya, at WUaS, Arctic Indigeneities, Social Media, Harbin Field Notes, In what ways can we cultivate a flourishing Quaker High School / Stanford online ethos on the degree side, even as the alternative and countercultural freedom and openness of the 60s and 70s recede?

Loggerhead Sea Turtle: a) Installation of WUaS in MediaWiki and b) Setting up the "universitian" database, Thank you!, Ocean in Google Earth - Best beginning of a virtual Harbin and a realistic interactive virtual earth, - or?, Great, President Obama ... Can wiki World University and School become a significant jobs' producer around the world ... by "exporting" free CC online degrees with best STEM-centric education (eg MIT OCW and Yale OYC ... and edX?) ? And can WUaS create 1 million academic jobs?

Red Macaw: Zapotec, The Bible/New Testament as a basis for the WUaS Universal Translator, WUaS Business Plan

Polar Bear: Stanford Anthropology talk - "Climate Change, Slippery on the Skin: Embodied Empiricism in North American Climate Change Skepticism" by Prof. Kath Weston from the University of Virginia with a Stanford Ph.D., Duke University Press and your upcoming book, Duke U.P. and my actual/virtual Harbin Hot Springs ethnographic manuscript

Rivers: Moving WUaS from Wikia to MediaWiki, like Wikipedia ... Main WUaS wiki pages, planned for all 7,870 + languages, 242 + countries and regions - SUBJECT TEMPLATE, WUaS Courses, Subjects, Languages, Library Resources, Nation States, You at World University, Educational Software, Museums, Research, Hardware Resource Possibilities, FAQs, World University Foundation, WUaS Universal Translator will become a way to generate languages, WUaS technical lead directions and the semantic web, artificial intelligence and IBM Watson and BlueMix?, Code Across Hackathon February 22, 2015

Shoaling and schooling: "To you, the SL community: the brave folks who share their story ... Let the future see more great stories, not only by me but by YOU: grab a camera and TELL IT," Great, Draxtor, - and please, all, share these stories here - - at the "Virtual Worlds" wiki subject/school for open teaching and learning at WUaS (and best STEM-centric OpenCourseWare in many languages)

Ocean beach, SF: Create and co-teach our own Music Improvisation class for WUaS for credit, in autumn 2016 even, with Grateful Dead and Blues' and bagpiping emphases in part :) ... and coming into conversation with this Music Improvisation course at MIT OCW, Piping solo by Kevin Carr and jam with Wake the Dead for Bird Song/Bluebird, Alasdair Fraser, [sf_scottish_fiddlers] David & Andrea Thompson benefit this Monday in Berkeley, Bliss generation possibilities vis-a-vis these Berkeley musicians

Co-evolution: Location, location, location ... GREAT here on the screen in front of you for World University and School, a best STEM centric, multilingual, online University which is also a wiki ... WUaS Universal Translator will become a way to generate languages, and for learning them, how the CC WUaS Universal Translator will articulate with a commercial Universal Translator for WUaS's online bookstore

Lotus: Quaker IB high schools teaching peace, Arabic educational software, inspiring recent conversations in "Learning for a New Era" and between Google's Head Eric Schmidt and Sal Khan

Spider webs: Reinventing the Internet with an Universal Translator?, Interesting how California goes so readily to beach culture, 2021 on Ocean Beach in SF with our five year olds, with surf boards and wet suits ... and a beginning waterproof universal translator ? ... {Swiss-French <> Californian accent (both Spanish and English)} ... which may also be a fairly far-reaching re-inventing of the web ... changing browsers, and engaging brain wave headsets

Endangered species DNA: Translating the WUaS SUBJECT TEMPLATE to create a University or School in your Language, World University Language Translators, Please email if you'd like to add your name or edit this " World University Language Translators" list, "Tanzanian Schools Will Teach Students in Swahili, Not English," New Tanzania World University and School

native flax seed plants: Very Cool - A Guidebook and a Test, for A.I. and machine learning at WUaS, Translatable, in an Universal Translator, Textbooks/Guidebooks as Courses, Think the California Drivers' Manual and Related Test, or The New Testament and Quizzes - with a focus on Love - in 1,300+ of the largest languages in the world out of 7,870, 10K and 2K Reward ISSIP WUaS Grand Challenges, Clinical Trials in All Languages, Scottish Gaelic is unintelligible in Google Translate and probably has fewer than 100,000 speakers for an Universal Translator of the largest languages, How the New Testament teaches love, Tests for the New Testament, as beginning examples for coding for machine learning and AI for an Universal Translator, A wee breakthrough, How to code AI, Guidebooks and Tests for flourishing learning enjoyment?

Conch: Found and grow the Music School at World University and School? Oberlin Conservatory Violinist

Koala: Love generation? How is love initially generated in a person's life? Love that is interactive, creative and unfolding - and which gives rise to neural cascades of pleasure over many years, Love which is co-generative, People~couples to learn from for mutual affection over decades, yes, but not rocking-out musical love of the mind-turning, bodymind-expanding, or mind-bending variety?

Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel: Duke University Press and Harbin Hot Springs manuscript proposal

Rainforest: Malaysia WUaS, partially in a Malaysian language (and accessible from the main "Nation States" wiki page at WUaS), World University and School as another Grand Challenge at, Adding Artificial Intelligence - Linked Open Data to Multilingual WUaS in All Languages, WUaS Universal Translator

Chard: EMFs, Hybrid vehicles & Batteries, "Fear, but Few Facts, on Hybrid Risk" (2008), "Health Hazards from Hybrids?" (from the People's Pharmacy, which is at WUaS), "Mythbuster: EMF levels in hybrids" (with actual milliGaus measurements), (Also: DIY Replacing a Toyota Prius Battery), Adding these articles vis this blog entry to WUaS in "Battery Technologies" and "Electric and Hybrid Vehicles" wiki subjects/schools, Don't really like the feeling of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) - they're kind of draining

Marbled Polecat: Online Friends School Arabic language World University and School, IB Ramallah Friends School, MIT OpenCourseWare in Persian and Turkish but not yet in Arabic, that I know of, Arabic Wikipedia, Here's WUaS's International Baccalaureate Diploma and Programme beginning online school

Eruca sativa: Some F/friendly morning ideas: Humbleness and World University, Nontheistically F/friendly meditation in among Quakers?

Newfoundland: University Funding Program Partnerships, Graduating geologists, geophysicists, scientists and engineers at WUaS, MIT OCW-centric Geology subject/school at World University, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at WUaS, Petrology course from MIT OCW, And for students whose English is poor, here's a "Learn English" Google + Hangout - which you'll find here at WUaS's "English as a Second Language" school, Would it be possible to ask for $50,000? Timeline and BPPE accrediting agency? Substituting "best STEM-centric OpenCourseWare" for all outreach

Bar-tailed godwit: Minutes for Feb 14 2015 WUaS open monthly business meeting (and agenda)

Gentiana: Touched and moved by these childhood photos my mother sent me as a Valentine, Yay for unique and great expressions (symbols?) of love and my mother's understandings ... :)

Black-tailed Godwit: Happy Valentine's Day, WUaS open monthly business meeting on 2/14 (second Saturdays), WUaS at Guidestar as a 501 c 3 :

Red Panda: Computational Linguistics' wiki subject page at WUaS, All 7,870 languages, WUaS Universal Translator, Wikidata and Google Translate/Android, NAACL or ACL this year?, Adding cognitive systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning with time

7. SF f/Friends/Quaker WUaS developments


WUaS (Scott) attended the talk on February 15, 2015 at Palo Alto Friends Meeting with Joyce Ajlouny from Friends United Meeting / Ramallah Friends School / Ramallah Friends Meeting, and is exploring collaborating with them about online International Baccalaureate (IB) high school diplomas ... and in many languages ...

Ongoing conversation with SFFM and SF Bay Area Friends about WUaS.

8. Closure

9. Next WUaS Monthly Business Meeting - Saturday, April 11, 2015, 9 am Pacific Time

Scott MacLeod

President and Head Clerk
- 415 480 4577
- PO Box 442, (86 Ridgecrest Road), Canyon, CA 94516

- World University and School - like Wikipedia with best STEM-centric OpenCourseWare - incorporated as a nonprofit university and school in California, and is a U.S. 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt educational organization, both effective April 2010.



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