Monday, March 30, 2015

Monarch butterfly: Mexico WUaS in Spanish, Mexico Law School at WUaS, HarvardX JuryX course with Harvard Law Professor Charlie Nesson, These university and high school degrees online - Bach. Ph.D. Law, MD and IB ... see Admissions at WUaS

Hi Cait,
Nice to meet you as well. ... was playing my Scottish Small Pipes in the Golden Gate Park yesterday which was fun. Thanks for your email, and welcome back to Mexico City, all the way from Wisconsin, Minnesota and New York City. :)

Just walked into World University and School's AFSC / SFFM hive meeting space (MW 10-12) at 65 9th Street in downtown SF (See too - - and - after receiving your email not long ago. has a nice web site, but no habla EspaƱol here - and WUaS can't offer an Universal Translator yet either to help with this translation - - although Google Translate is helpful sometimes :).

In addition to online wiki schools in all languages in Mexico for open teaching and learning, WUaS would like to offer these university and high school degrees online - Bach. Ph.D. Law, MD and IB ... see Admissions at WUaS - - (and it might be best to open this in the Chrome browser in my experience). 

Here for example is the beginning Mexico Law School at WUaS - -
and if possible, WUaS will eventually hire, for example, Stanford and Harvard Law student as graduate student instructors in Google + Hangouts for accrediting law degrees in Mexico. I'm just taking the edX course JuryX with the inspiring Harvard Law Professor Charlie Nesson, where we're partly deliberating online as jury members - - and see too - edX is a great open and free education platform but not CC (whereas Wikipedia, MIT OCW, Yale OYC and WUaS are all Creative Commons' licensed). It would be great to bring MIT OCW and in Spanish into edX platform eventually and in many languages.
And here are:
Mexico World University and School - -

Spanish language WUaS -

- which are an entire beginning accrediting online university (but only in a few pages so far, and except for the MIT OCW in Spanish, not yet in any languages in Mexico to speak of).
The Quaker organization Progresa ( also offers a variety of certificates in Guatemala and possibly in other countries in central America.
How to develop MIT OCW- and Yale OYC-centric law courses in Spanish as well as how to best accredit in Mexico for all of the above degrees are interesting questions WUaS will focus on with time.
If you're game Caitlin, please join the WUaS community page here - - and post something in Spanish and about Spanish MIT OCW ... ... with an eye to developing community in that language for wiki open teaching and learning WUaS. There are two options when posting here - either "Edit a page" or "Discussion"  and the cool thing about wiki WUaS is that we can all become teachers to each other, - by teaching to a web page, to our web camera or by teaching in other digital creative ways and adding this to a WUaS wiki Subject page - - (and WUaS is currently moving from this Wikia wiki to the MediaWiki here - 

Little bit of a lengthy email, but I hope your Monday is off to a great start as well.

Friendly regards,



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