Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Douglas-fir: WUaS can move to the contract completion process in order to become an official federal work study FWS host site for 2015-2016, Reed College and Philosophy

June 10, 2015

Hi Scott,

Though the Financial Aid office is experiencing a staff transition -- their Director, who makes decisions about FWS eligibility, has retired -- I do believe we have an answer for you. It looks like you can now move to the contract completion process in order to become an official FWS host site for 2015-2016! The Fin. Aid response included the following:

as long as the position is focused on the teaching/education outreach and as long as it continues to be free, open to the public, and serving the community

I will send additional info before week's end regarding the contract process.

Sorry, Scott, I don't have any availability tomorrow (Thu). I'll also be working from home Friday. 

I do hope you enjoy your Reunions experience!

All the best,

June 12, 2015
Hi Merry, 

Thank you so much for this good news that WUaS "can now move to the contract completion process in order to become an official FWS host site for 2015-2016!" 

I'll be in Portland from Tuesday to Friday next week since I'm giving a talk about WUaS on Saturday at a Quaker FAHE conference near Portland. Let's stay in touch about some of this and perhaps I can come in later next week to chat in person a little further. 

Reunions is enjoyable indeed. 

All the best, 

Hi Merry, 

As a followup to the Financial Aid offices' sentence you sent, the reason WUaS will continue "to be free, open to the public, and serving the community" through time is because WUaS is Creative Commons' licensed (CC), as is Wikipedia's Wikidata (the new-ish database written for Wikipedia's 288 languages), as are especially MIT OpenCourseWare now in 7 languages and Yale OYC. CC WUaS is planning to accredit on CC MIT OCW and CC Yale OYC for online degrees as a service to the world-wide community and in most countries and their main languages. Access to CC MIT OCW in 7 languages, for example, for accreditation is predicated on WUaS remaining free when we engage these resources. 

All the best, 

June 15, 2015

Dear President John Kroger, 

Great to talk with you, and I enjoyed learning of your trip to Scotland. After our talk about your hike on the West Highland Way from Glasgow to Fort William, and David Hume, it occurred to me you might enjoy this BBC video about David Hume - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ2qjVkMj6s - which you'll also find at World University and School's Philosophy wiki Subject page here -
http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Philosophy - with much MIT OCW. What a great trip and I'd love to learn more about your thoughts about this, and also about Hume. 

I also just learned today from Merry D in the SEEDS office that World University and School will be able to serve as an online host to Reed College FWS students beginning in September, I'm very glad to say. With this WUaS has moved from becoming an infant to a toddler, and it's also a remarkable development for us in that we'll really be able to begin to develop WUaS online in terms of teaching possibilities. Thank you for this.  

Looking forward to staying further in communication about related unfolding developments. 

All the best, 

June 15, 2015


Would you like Reed College to pay a Reed student to volunteer/intern with you? 

Well then, you’re in luck: Reed’s 2015-2016 off-campus Federal Work Study (FWS) contract process has begun.

This program supports FWS-eligible Reed students -- of the highest financial need -- in their decision to volunteer/intern at FWS-approved nonprofits, public schools, and public agencies. Among other support, Reed College pays said students $11.28/hour for work completed at the aforementioned sites.

There are a few key points of eligibility this Federal program requires:

  • an FWS “job” must be in direct service, education, or project development
  • an FWS "job" may not consist of indirect service (e.g., 100% clerical work is not eligible)
  • an FWS “job” may not include fundraising or advance a political and/or religious agenda
  • the work must be done in a program that is free and open to the public
  • The program must provide a community service designed to improve community residents’ quality of life, particularly low-income individuals, or to solve problems related to their needs

Please review our webpage for more information: 

Though we can’t guarantee Reed student involvement at your site, becoming an approved FWS host site increases the likelihood that a student will commit to a volunteer or internship position with you.

If interested, you may please read on and complete the 5-part (annual) contract process by June 29th

Attached you’ll find contract documents as well as checklists to streamline the process.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Merry D


The deadline for the 2015-2016 FWS contract process is Monday, June 29th at Noon.
Please note: I’ll be out of the office Tuesday, 6/30, through Monday, 8/3.


You must conduct background checks on any Reed College student who will have any amount of unsupervised contact with a minor before said unsupervised contact occurs.


** Please review attached checklists for further details **

Please note: You are welcome to submit more than one volunteer/internship position. 
However, it will require duplicating a couple of the steps below.

1) Contract ...


Dear Merry, 

Thank you for this opportunity for World University and School to host Reed College federal work study (FWS) students in September. 

It was also very nice to meet you over at Reed Reunions' this weekend. 

Thank you again.  

All the best, 



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