Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Greater Rhea: Just posted 3 new Reed College federal work study (FWS) volunteer/intern jobs in Symplicity, Very first jobs that World University and School creates - ... - (To post tomorrow - Building on the beautiful maps-with-Wikipedia entries ... )

Dear Bon (and Merry), 

Greetings. I just posted 3 new Reed College federal work study (FWS) volunteer/intern jobs in Symplicity yesterday (to be finalized in August) for the new host startup World University and School, of which I'm the founder, president and current developer, for 2015-2016, and Merry can't see them. Simplicity says these job postings are currently drafts and are scheduled to be posted visibly between 8/31 and 9/30/15. They are

Managing Academic Tutor (ID 28068) - 

Academic Tutor - Sciences, STEM & Computer Science (ID 28075) - 

Academic Tutor - Humanities, Languages, Social Sciences (ID 28077)
These new jobs are listed at this login - (... @worlduniversityandschool.org ... ). 

Could you possibly help Merry see these, as well as other possible Reedie interns see these who might be interested in planning now for 2015-2016 FWS opportunities - and with these great and creative WUaS academic internship possibilities? 

Also who has access to seeing these Symplicity listings once they're public? Could any Reed alumnus/ae with a Reed Iris account see them, for example? How would, for example, Sandesh A. who just graduated from Reed in June in Physics see these listings, now or in August? Merry, he and I all met together during Reunions a few weeks ago (and Sandesh also attended my Paideia workshop in January). Or could Gantt who was at Reed with me in the early 1980s, for example? Also, is it possible to display these job postings from Symplicity to non-Reedies as VOLUNTEER opportunities before mid-August as well? (If these work out the next 2 FWS job postings will be academic tutor positions "on the teaching side" for "Countries" and "Music" I think).

Merry will be away from Reed until around August 3rd, but I'd love to get this sorted out this week if possible, please. 

These will be the very first jobs that World University and School creates, if this works out, and WUaS would like to become a significant academic job generator and online in many languages! 

Thank you (and nice to meet you here). 
All the best, 
Scott '85


(Going to post this separately in this blog tomorrow on July 1, 2015 ...

Markus, Emil and Wikidatans, 

Building on the beautiful maps-with-Wikipedia entries that you just created


Will every book in every language eventually get a Wikidata Q-item reference with coordinates and be includable in such a wiki virtual earth? 

Info (Scott))



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