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Cereus: WUAS's Annual Business Meeting this Saturday

Hi Juan and All,

Can you please confirm that you're coming to WUAS's Annual Business Meeting this Saturday as you wrote a few days ago, Juan ... or similar email? Larry confirmed last night. Tito especially? Govind especially?, Jayne, Julian? Other friends?

Glad that CC WUaS has successfully donated our beginning Wikia wiki to CC Wikidata (we've gotten into the Wikidata daily log for example), but I haven't yet learned how I can keep developing it in a newly modified WUaS MediaWiki (accessible here - or how we'll dovetail further with Wikidata's development planning. Our contacts seem to be Lydia, Magnus and Quim.

Looking forward to hour-long WUaS annual business meeting this Saturday.


Hi Juan, Govind, Larry and All, 

It's the Creative Commons' licensing as sharing licensing that brings together all the amazing CC MIT OCW in 7 languages with CC Wikipedia/Wikidata/Wikibase in all 289 languages, CC Yale OYC and CC WUaS planned for all 8000 + languages. This is the central core of WUaS on the CC side. But you're right, CC WUaS can't use the name MIT OCW in promotions due to MIT's Office of the Name, but not due to trademark issues, as I understand it.

The problem I'm running into now in writing the Wikidata proposal in the current draft has to do with CC MIT OCW's strategic partnership with - - and WUaS's business plan for revenue streams on the non CC side - see items 5-9 here -

But I went ahead and sent in this proposal to Wikidata anyway -
And with subsequent developments, Govind, WUaS will be able to plan further in greater detail.

More grant-writing ahead.


Hi Juan,
WUaS MediaWiki is already installed but buggy and requires expertise and design - best done by Wikidatans for this growth story for us all hence the proposal.
They may be able to fundraise on thus too and Lydia makes awesome things happen.
How to think thru developng CC MIT OCW into Wikidata is a helpful question for thus proposal - and for all 289 Wikipedia languages and teams.
WuaS has outlined 6 undergraduate majors so far - may include this in proposal too.
All is CC and freely shared.

On 1:15PM, Tue, Sep 29, 2015 Juan Mendez <> wrote:
Hi Scott,

So WUAS are looking for volunteers to install MediaWiki software in some platform.

Is it defined what would be the platform (the hosting machine)?
Has there been any estimation of the time in man/hours required to do so? 

I have not read any willingness from WikiMedia foundation people so far.
And if there isn't any clear on terms I doubt it would be... unless that is changed

Regarding the pilot project, is there any course planned to be migrated to this platform?
Sorry, I'm not sure what is the purpose.
Migrate the syllabus and content of a course to mediawiki, and that being published with a copyleft license[1]?

I believe that a clear wording on the goals and requests can produce different results.

Kind regards,

2015-09-29 21:20 GMT+02:00 Scott MacLeod <>:
Hi Juan and All,

In brief, but more later: 

WUaS is seeking EU funding. 

In donating WUaS to Wikidata, the platform would be in WUaS's own MediaWiki, as well as with Google. 

Pilot project is potentially three MIT OCW languages in Wikidata - English, Spanish and Mandarin for bachelor's degree. 

Product is hopefully the Harvard of the Internet in all countries' main languages and CC degrees.

Thank you, 

On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 4:36 PM, Scott MacLeod <> wrote:
Dear Juan,
Thanks so much for these helpful brainstorming ideas, and as I write a Wikidata proposal per Lydia's invitation to prepare to donate CC WUaS to CC Wikidata (for CC, Wikimedia, 289 languages and related teams, programmers, and machine learning). Much to think about -thank you.
Talk with you in the WUaS annual/monthly business meeting on 10/10 and with more emails before potentially.
More soon,
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Juan Mendez" <>
Date: Sep 25, 2015 4:12 PM
Subject: Feedback for WUAS
To: "Scott MacLeod" <>

Hi Scott,

Now, I'd like to provide some feedback that I hope it can be valuable and lead to positive change, or at least as something to brainstorm.


Regarding UE founding sources, my knowledge about that is that many educational companies that existed in the previous years that were centered in education and funded with public sources has been closing in the last 5 years. I worked in a e-learning one until 2 years ago. Their approach was to have a department full of people applying for such fundings, they were backed by an infra-estructure, and having certifications like ISO-9001 and so on.

As a summary, IMHO they require certain expertise and the best path would be to contact people that worked as consultants to get that fundings.


2.1) Independence from the technology

I see you interest in getting Wikidata (As a platform) as fundamental requirement for the development of WUAS.

I see the attraction that a platform centered on being multilingual can be. However, most software nowadays provides i18n and l10n, this means internacionalization and localization (

I certainly would not tie the development of WUAS to any tool.

2.2) Wording.

I've observed the way for pitching the idea have not been catching among the prospective partners.
One thing that I notice, that was mentioned before, by Carl, I think, and others, and that I adhere now too is that we should avoid explaining the idea by referring it to MIT, and OCW. WUAS should be explained avoiding such trademarks conflicts.

Approaching wikidata engineers should be different than approaching institution directors, as they are centered more around the technology, their interests are different. They may need something very concrete and direct. I would ask you, what are the role you envision for them?


I, as a software engineer, I'd like to see something come to fruitition from my work, something that I can experience in some way, since we deal with software, let's say: sound, images, videos, or literature.

Any enterprise with a vision so admirable as WUAS, education available to as much people as possible as a way of empowering them, should focus from my point of view, on developing such tangible or experienceable product. Starting with a pilot program-course, in the way you did before with "Information Technology and the Network Society", publish it, and then leverage it by having a second one.

As a summary, focusing on funding without something to show may be easier.

Best wishes
Juan Manuel Méndez
Fundador, UniversidadQuantum |


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