Friday, November 6, 2015

Garden: Robin Goodrin Nordli's Stanford show "Virgins to Villains" - Shakespeare's women's roles, My UC Berkeley talk this evening at 5pm on Naked Harbin and Ethno-Wiki-Virtual-World-Graphy as a new digital methodology, A recording should be here afterward :-)

Hi Donald,
Twas greatly inspired and impressed by
Robin Goodrin Nordli's Stanford performance the other evening - from "Virgins to Villains." I asked her a question afterward about the potential for ensemble Shakespeare acting in a 10 person Google group video Hangout ... and even possibly improvisation online in a Hangout ... 

I also emailed her that in developing CC World University and School (which is like CC Wikipedia in 300 languages with CC MIT OCW in 7 languages), we'd like to offer innovative online acting classes for matriculated students eventually, first in English. maybe she'll become an instructor. She's taught in Road Scholar.

She's acted in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for 22-29 seasons now and is dynamic.

I think you'd enjoy her acting if you have the chance to see her - at Cal Shakes possibly.

Enjoyed her humor and her versatility as an actress greatly! She's a wit and she quips :) very interactively and engagingly ...


My talk should be accessible live in video this evening from here at 5p PT and 8pm Eastern time

UC Berkeley "Naked Harbin and Ethno-Wiki-Virtual-World-Graphy" talk this evening which is related to my upcoming Harbin ethnographic book - - (with an offer from the University of Toronto Press) - and - with more about this here - I plan to stream this to a Google group video Hangout beginning at 5p Pacific Time from - (



A recording should be here afterward :-)


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