Saturday, July 15, 2017

Whorl (botany): WUaS Corporation President / CEO Search

The startup WUaS Corporation is seeking a President / CEO for a 10 hour/week position this autumn (late August - early January 2017). See:

Please send your CV, personal website URL, and a personal statement of no more than two pages that includes the applicant’s plans for developing this "WUaS Corporation Business Plan in GDoc" - - and discusses what he/she will bring to the WUaS Corporation and how the WUaS Corp will enable her/him to accomplish your goals.

Please email this to the WUaS Corporation Administrator/Secretary, and whose email WUaS Corporation would share with you.


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The WUaS Corporation is a new development and legal entity, and wing of World University and School. World University and School is like CC Wikipedia (in its 358 languages) with CC MIT OCW (in its 7 languages) and Yale OYC, and seeks to create major online universities in each of all ~200 countries' official and main languages - Harvards/MITs/Stanfords of the Web (as well as wiki schools for open teaching and learning in all living languages - 7,099 in Ethnologue).

As the WUaS Corporation emerges, and as we file the legal paperwork for this (we've already filed the initial Articles of Incorporation - and have 90 days from April 21st to send in the next information California would like to have), I'm writing to invite you to apply for this (about 1/4 time) CEO position for this for-profit company, forking from World University and School - - for just a few hours per week/month. In the process of incorporating newly as a for-profit, the startup WUaS Corporation will be able to offer only shares to Officers. The potential growth of WUaS is significant. This is also potentially a remarkable career opportunity, and also potentially a very creative (business) opportunity.

The WUaS Corporation seeks to be in each of all ~200 countries and their official languages, and in all 8,444 languages (in Glottlog), as academic markets.

If I can answer any questions, or provide you with further information on the phone or in other ways, please let me know.

Thank you!

Best regards, Scott



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