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Hoya: Monthly Business Meeting for WUaS

Monthly Business Meeting for WUaS 

- would like to inquire if Stanford could run the WUaS Corp in ~200 countries and 7,099 living languages as academic markets, and for Stanford Law to send WUaS a check

inquired this week with the following if they'd join the WUaS corporation ...
- Mark Lonergan (chair of the WUaS Corp Board?)
- Debra Zumwalt (WUaS Corp Board?)
- Kim Le (WUaS Corp CFO?)

Further structuring the WUaS Corp Board ... in terms of seeking FUNCTIONAL managers ... and re CFO and heads of Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and HR + ...  The WUaS Corporation can at least offer shares at this point. 


WUaS Stanford MedX talk preparation (Dec 1)

WUaS Medical School
Teaching Hospitals - 

Robotic surgery in van as hospital?

Stanford Medicine OpenCourseWare?

How would this work licensing-wise in relationship with  CC MIT OCW (in 7 languages, both undergraduate and graduate)?

Stanford expansion of public services as an institution ...

How would robotic surgery in van as hospital work at A) World University and School and B) the WUaS Corporation - in all ~200 countries official languages?

MIT Media Lab faculty application (Dec 1 ... )

out of this job application
collaboration between Stanford Med and Law
and MIT OCW itself - for courses


financial reports


As of a certain date, X shares have been distributed, and the Nonprofit holds X of shares

The largest owner of shares has no more than Y percent ...

WUaS Corporation Board meeting

Schedule a Board Meeting

Seeking to plan and schedule a WUaS Corporation official Board Meeting as well - and will invite Diana and Kyle - and hopefully possibly Mark Lonergan and Debra Zumwalt, if and when WUaS hears back from them.

How do we get more people involved?

Tim Schwartz, who was potentially interested in becoming the WUaS Corporation's first CFO (he's a lawyer, has Quickbooks' experience, and is an associate general counsel at Genentech and a Quaker, as well) is not able to become Chief Financial Officer at this time, he recently let me know, due to other work commitments.

Certificate for 1 year of volunteering developing the WUaS Miraheze MediaWiki as Universitian (eg developing translation software - e.g. re written medical translation from language 1 to language 2) 

Request from Moldova

Keep it on the nonprofit side
such that certificate for volunteering would also possibly help recipient in many ways (comparable to editing Wikipedia for 10 hours per week for 50 weeks - and then getting a certificate for something, but focus this ... )


Tim Starling - thanks of for the invitation 

Connecting Wikidata/Mediawiki's user name
WUaS's planned matriculated/registered students

and re
7.5 billion cryptocurrency with a crypto currency with blockchain ledger

and in planning for the WUaS SUBJECT TEMPLATE to shape A) open wiki SUBJECTS in all languages, B) Universities in all ~200 countries and C wiki schools in all 7,099 living languages ?

Hi All, 

To give you an idea of where we are with our developing WUaS Miraheze Mediawiki platform, with Wikidata as a developing backend (planned in all Wikipedia's 358 languages), the IRC (internet relay chat) today with Wikidata / Wikimedia engineers / developers was about user names from a technical perspective - .  

I asked, and this communication unfolded: 

[12:09] <Scott_WUaS> (In what ways might this RFC address importing different names from each of all ~200 countries official main languages, - perhaps drawing on Wikimedia Foundation related databases and communities ?)

12:10] <anomie> Scott_WUaS: I don't understand your question.

[12:12] <Scott_WUaS> (anomie: Tim, Daniel and Bryan invited me to this IRC - and perhaps also re - - where WUaS donated itself to Wikidata in 2015 and has this new Miraheze Mediawiki thanks to that - so I'm wondering about user names in these regards too).

[12:14] <DanielK_WMDE_> Scott_WUaS: i18n does nto seem to be a concern relevant to this RFC. User names from imports will continue to support all scripts that user names regularly do.

[12:14] <anomie> Scott_WUaS: If edits were actually imported using Special:Import, this proposal affects the user names that the edits would be attributed to. If data is going to be manually entered, this proposal isn't going to affect that.

[12:14] <Scott_WUaS> Thanks, DanielK_WMDE_ and anomie

[12:16] <Scott_WUaS> WUaS in Mediawiki / Wikidata is also anticipating usernames in all 7,000 languages, mentioned on the Wikimedia 2030 panel this August with Katherine Maher and Magnus Manske - and I wonder about today's user names' focus in these regards, as well.

[12:19] <Scott_WUaS> (... and even re WUaS's planning for user names for an Universal Basic Income for all 7.5 billion people with cryptocurrency and the blockchain ... conceptually )

[12:21] <anomie> Scott_WUaS: It seems like you're more concerned with what scripts are allowed in usernames than anything this meeting is about. FYI, MediaWiki allows anything that can be represented in UTF-8.

[12:21] <Scott_WUaS> Thanks, anomie

So I'm glad WUaS / I was specifically invited to this meeting by Tim Starling and re planning for You_at_World_University - (a kind of blueprint) - even for all 7.5 billion people, and glad too this conversation made it into this Wikimedia transcript for others to read. 

You_at_World_University will also be especially for A) matriculated and registered students at World Univ & Sch (on the non-profit 501 c 3 WUaS CC-4 MIT OCW-centric side) in all 200 countries' official languages for free CC OCW degrees ... as well as for B) the for-profit general stock company WUaS Corp's bookstore / academic press with machine translation with the Wikisource CC-0 commercial side / human resources ( ). 

The Voidwalker ...
Phabricator workflow page

need some correlation between Username

Email to Voidwalker and Wikimedia email list

T Tomato 

Further inquiry about engaging MITx (re edX resources) from MIT OCW -

MIT Enrique Shadah, Cecilia d'Oliveira (Dean), Anant Agarwal (Prof and President of edX) & Dick Schmalensee (Prof Emeritus & former Dean), and especially with our first matriculated class, and seeking further structure for grades and in seeking to grant Bachelor's degrees after one year for transfer students ...



Minutes -



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