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Coccinellidae: Stanford: Chancellor Oakley, California Community Colleges - Jan 30, 2019, and Community College 115, the online project

Stanford: Chancellor Oakley, California Community Colleges - Jan 30, 2019, and Community College 115, the online project

Dear Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley, and Mitchell (Stanford Prof. Mitchell Stevens),

Thanks for your fascinating and great "The Future of Learning, Opportunity, and Work: The Future of Work and Learning in California" talk - - last week: How might we best collaborate? CC-4 MIT OpenCourseWare-centric (in 5 languages) wiki World University and School seeks to offer online accrediting free-to-students' degrees - Bachelor, Ph.D., Law, M.D. and I.B high school - in ~200 countries' official and main languages - World Univ & Sch also seeks to develop online wiki schools for open teaching and learning in all 7,097 living languages - - and much more. While your talk touched on so many timely and topical issues, I'd like to ask you about just a few.

Am writing to ask you about possible Community College students matriculating at World Univ & Sch after they get their AA degrees, esp. Community College 115 students, since they will already have much online learning experience? How might we best collaborate on this, especially with regard to our platforms, as well as state of California accreditation?

World University and School's pilot languages are Spanish, Chinese and English - How might we collaborate re degrees, and more, in each of these languages?

While WUaS seeks to become the online Stanford / MIT of the internet, and in each of all ~200 countries' I greatly appreciate your focus on jobs and careers' planning for California Community Colleges' students, and WUaS seeks to integrate a career focus - (accessible from - for our graduates as well, and especially with an online focus. For example, WUaS seeks to develop a realistic virtual earth for our degrees in all ~200 countries' languages, which will involve much 'building out' and hence job generation. WUaS is also seeking highest achievers academically, but we may have to build toward this - and by offering both MIT OCW and Yale OYC courses for free-to-students' degrees, but also by creating new online learning opportunities, beginning conceptually with graduate student instructors teaching in group video to MIT faculty (already in video too).

As I mentioned WUaS seeks to develop online Medical Schools - which could dovetail with your CCC Medical Coding major developments, - and potentially in collaboration with Stanford Medicine for something like CC-4 OpenCourseWare, since MIT doesn't have a medical school (or a law school. You'll find the beginning World Univ & Sch online medical school and teaching hospital for clinical care in English here - and - and the IDEA for online medical schools with online teaching hospitals for clinical care here - (check out the "global university" label here) - and, at some point in the future, online clinical care could also emerge out of Project ECHO (see blog entry) and a Stanford / Duke / Google Project Baseline-into-3D-interactive-avatar-bots at the street view, cellular and atomic levels too - and for bio-engineering (which I also write about in this blog post). (In my own ethnographic research, I continue to focus on the correspondence between the ACTUAL and the VIRTUAL, the physical and the digital ~ ~ ~  ~  and see this as a remarkable opportunity for clinical medicine and research too - and re World Univ & Sch's online medical schools / hospitals).

The parallel WUaS organization, the WUaS Press / Corp also seeks to develop in all ~200 countries' official languages, as well as in all 7,097 living languages, and potentially hire as many people as Walmart - see: - so will seek to hire significantly from California, but also around the world for both online & on -the-ground educational services' bookstores/computer stores/robotics stores/hospital technologies' stores, etc.

Eloy, do you happen to know Stanford's LBAN - Latino Bay Area Network - which is focusing on scaling Latino businesses within a Stanford context? May I introduce you to them as well? There could be many synergies between LBAN, CCC, Stanford and WUaS in remarkable ways. (There's a little about LBAN here -

Thank you again for your fascinating talk, and looking forward to communicating more about all of this and your great knowledge and vision for California Community Colleges' students.

Mitchell, I signed up on the Flow web site earlier - - and looking forward to communicating further about what is emerging here.

Thank you.

Best regards, Scott

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