Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finless Porpoise: Among all these dancing avatars, Rose and I began to dance, and her avatar touched the virtual golden orb

Harbin ethnography:

... if you want your islands builds to remain up and visitable.

Among all these dancing avatars, Rose and I began to dance. Her avatar touched the virtual, golden orb suspended in the center of the room which had printed above and below it 'touch me to dance,' and her avatar began to move beautifully. I had pointed this out to her through an instant message type chat message directly to her, which no one else could see. And instead of touching the faintly-blue, golden, companion orb next to the orb Rose touched, I dragged from my inventory a dance script which allowed me to twirl and spin, all around her. Much of Second Life 'animations' are made up of scripts, little computer programs which instructor objects to do things. There are scripts for dancing, building, music, clothing which flows, hair, water, most of which animate prims, which are the building blocks of Second Life. Avatars can share scripts they make, share them to friends, and store them in your inventory. And avatars buy and sell these using Linden dollars. I next asked Rose if she would like a hoola hoop (Fig. 1.9) to dance with, and she said yes. I dragged a hoola hoop object from my inventory to her avatar with my cursor, and the multi-colored hoola hoop began to spin around her. Giving her one for her inventory for later use, I asked her if she would put it on me, and we both started to hoola. The music at this virtual dance grew more complex and beautiful, and at my home in actual life, I begin to move in front of my computer, while interacting with the computer, - softly around and around, as in a Watsu {water shiatsu} in water, to the music, thus bringing the virtual and actual together in my bodymind.

As avatars are dancing, someone types for all to see: “I have clothes ...

( - April 10, 2010)

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