Monday, April 26, 2010

Oyster Reef: The pools are beautiful,” Rose says - “Can we go into the warm pool for more Watsu"

Harbin ethnography:

... if their actual parents help them with the adult grid, or they are in the teen grid.

“The pools are beautiful,” Rose says. “Can we go into the warm pool for more Watsu?” A flush comes over her pretty, virtual face, by the Heart-shaped pool. As we walk there, nude like so many other Harbin avatars in the pool area, – nakedness is so normal at Harbin - I say to her “I often explore the relaxation response in the warm pool by myself, and it often brings me to a kind of experience of oneness, and that this sometimes opens the possibility for the neurophysiology of bliss to bubble up.” When this bubbles up, I often both release and welcome this on and and on, in all its fine inner 'weather.' She nods with understanding, but says she hasn't spent very much time in the pools. I tell her, that I haven't ever explored in the pools, a kind of duet of bliss, of Watsu bliss, with this neurophysiology happening, and that I'm interested in exploring this, in some depth. As we walk up along the side of the warm pool, she says she's interested. So we step over the edge and walk down the steps. There are about 10 avatars in the warm pool, and as we immerse ourselves our virtual faces ease and smile, and I receive her into my arms and begin to float her.

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