Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wild Mint: 'Pragmatism's Gift' is new Philosophy subject at World Univ, FREE personal financial management software, Energy Technologies Subjects

'Pragmatism's Gift' - - (New York Times, March 15, 2010) is a far-reaching and insightful essay characterizing pragmatism as philosopphy. I've created a new subject at World University and School ( called Pragmatism, - - where I've added 'Pragmatism's Gift,' for future reference. (I'll turn my focus vis-à-vis pragmatism to making World University and School grow financially, as well, I hope).


added FREE - personal financial management software - to's "Finance-Personal" subj & "Educational Software" - Here and here -


added "Wind Energy" subject to World University
- as well as "Energy
Technologies" subject -

( - April 29, 2010)

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