Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flight of the snow geese: VIRTUAL HARBIN'S EMERGENCE, One aim of this book is ethnographic, Another is methodological, A third is theoretical

Harbin ethnography:

... Lacan's characterization of the psyche informs a reading of virtual and actual, pointing to the experience of the virtual as taking place in bodyminds.


One aim of this book is ethnographic: to write an ethnography of actual and virtual Harbin Hot Springs, comparing and contrasting them. Another is anthropologically methodological: to examine ways in which ethnographic fieldwork may inform an interpretation of 'the virtual' in relation to a specific place in northern California – Harbin Hot Springs. Here the making of virtual Harbin vis-a-vis actual Harbin gives form to a set of methodological questions that are unexplored in the discipline of anthropology, which this book articulates and examines. Another aim of this book is theoretical: to further an anthropological inquiry into questions concerning culture/counterculture, vis-a-vis actual and virtual Harbin Hot Springs. (In the process, this book also comes into conversation with Tom Boellstorff's “Coming of Age in Second Life: An nthropologist Explores the Virtually Human.”)

The Making of Virtual Harbin as Ethnographic Fieldsite emerges ...

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