Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grapes in Sun: They were cuddling naked on the sleeping deck as I walked into the Harbin pool area today

They were cuddling naked
on the sleeping deck
as I walked into
the Harbin pool area today,
along the village path.
Having just awoke,
out of doors,
under the sky,
on comfortable bedding,
they were sharing intimacy
in the morning,
her breast across his chest,
their covers cast aside.
How beautiful.

In the Harbin pools,
50 yards away,
people are often
intimate, naked, cuddling,
but I rarely see this
in other places at Harbin.
The hippie life is good.

The mulberries are ripe and falling.
Try one, they're good, too.

The Harbin pool area -
a musical score for
all of us
bodymind instruments -
Look around, feel the sun,
see the naked people,
free on the sundeck,
free under the grape arbor,
find the crescendo,
and let these beautiful
sounds come out, inwardly.
Perch on a bench,
meditate, drink in the
warm pool's fig tree,
the flowers,
the woman wearing a pink sari,
her hair up, - and soar.
She takes it off, and showers,
and goes into the pools.
Play this music in your bodymind.
Synthesize these harmonies,
those accents.
Soak in the waters
for the fermatas.
Do nothing. Be.
Come home and resonate.

The music is all around,
for you to practice with,
for you to improvise with,
for you to create your own music.
Play on . . . be creative.

The musical scores
are endless here
at Harbin.
How can I appreciate thee more?
What is this neurochemistry?
Upon departing, there,
in the garden,
a guitar and a mandolin player
are jamming.
Jam inside with them.
Ease close,
and sing quietly with them.

The temperature is perfect
at Harbin.
Nature is all around.
There's freedom here, -
join with, and harmonize.
Bring the music home.

( - June 16, 2010)

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