Saturday, June 26, 2010

Himalaya: A slightly broad Harbin bibliography, World University & School's endowment, The film "The Real Revolutionaries"

Hi D,

Here's a slightly broad Harbin bibliography:

Thanks for the idea, but I like visiting Harbin once in a while, as field site. I'm not looking to invest in Lake County. But I'll keep my ears open. I know of one other person interested in such lands, and Harbin is, I think, too.

I'm also looking to build World University & School's endowment, and for fundraisers, - 10% of monies into the WUaS endowment will go to the fundraiser, for the present.

The film "The Real Revolutionaries," which I saw at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, was pretty well done, but this Information Technology revolution has to do with the scope and scale of changes, societally and information technologically, comparable with previous industrial revolutions - I don't think that the folks depicted were revolutionary. (In fact, one of the two main characters was shockingly racist and reactionary, and the film didn't explicitly criticize this).


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